Zig Ziglar Classic – Prime the Pump

Have you ever started a network marketing or other home business with the attitude “I’ll give this a try and see what happens”?

What happened?

Have you seen people start home business ventures and hit the ground running, appearing to achieve success and prosperity from the very beginning?

What was the difference? What did they do that others don’t?

In my own case, I remember well a couple of online business ventures I started where I didn’t experience the success I thought I should. Only in hindsight did I realize why.

Getting started in a home business takes courage and vision. You have to know what you want, and be dedicated to getting the momentum going. Starting a successful home business could be compared to getting a plane off the runway.

Think about it…it takes tremendous energy and momentum to get that plane off the ground and up to a certain altitude. At that point, the hardest work (getting off the ground and up to speed) is done, and the rest of the journey is much smoother and easier. Don’t you agree?

It’s like that in business or any worthwhile endeavor. The initial stages of growth and development are challenging to say the least. Once you hit a certain point, though, it gets so much easier!

I wanted to share this short video from Zig Ziglar, called “Prime the Pump”. This is a timeless classic that teaches a very important principle of success in a very unique and entertaining way. Enjoy!

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