Seven Steps to Prosperity in Network Marketing

network marketing business successAre you ready to get to work and really make your network marketing business take off?

After you have signed up and officially started your business, one of two things will happen.

You will either jump in and start building a business, or you won’t.

If you hesitate, sometime it’s a lack of clarity, or uncertainty about what marketing strategy to use.

Here is a simple seven step strategy you can use as a blueprint or outline for success with your MLM business.

Step 1 – Decide Why You Want Success

Let me emphasize this as the most important first step in your network marketing business. It isn’t enough to just say “I want to succeed with my business” – you need to know and understand the specific motivation that drives you.

Think carefully and write down your “why”. It should be something that means a lot to you. Something with emotional impact that will keep you going when things get tough. With any business, I can assure you, there will be times when you feel like quitting. Knowing your true driving motivation makes it easier to keep going when something discourages you.

Step 2 – Experience Your Products Yourself

Most network marketing products are consumable, and it’s important that you use the products yourself. I’ve been surprised over the years at how many people try to build a home business with network marketing but don’t want to use their own products regularly.

Using your own products is important, because they are the foundation of your business. If you aren’t sold on them enough to use them regularly, how can you be enthusiastic about presenting an opportunity that is based around them?

Even if your sponsoring focus is on the compensation and money, don’t forget that there will be no money without products being purchased and consumed. They are the core of your opportunity.

Step 3 – Believe in What You’re Doing

You must believe that network marketing is a legitimate and honorable way to earn an income. You must believe that your opportunity is really a great deal that would benefit anyone who chooses to put in the time and work. Seriously.

I say this because it’s surprising how many people fail because they have reservations in the back of their mind about the business model. Sometime this goes back to old stories about friends who got stuck with a bunch of inventory they couldn’t get rid of, things like that. Examine your deep beliefs on this.

Ask yourself – does mentioning the phrase “network marketing” or “multilevel marketing” to people make you feel uncomfortable? If so, why? If you have reservations like this, it’s critical to get them resolved so you can move forward.

Step 4 – Plan Your Strategy

You need a plan. A path. This is where you should take advantage of any training your company and upline team offers, and then have a meeting of the minds with your upline leaders. The ones who are successful and who are where you want to be.

You don’t want to fall in the trap of “overplanning”, because that can lead to procrastination and frustration. It can make you feel like you’re doing something for your business when you’re really not.

Step 5 – Communicate with People About Your Opportunity and Products

Another step that seems so obvious, yet so many networkers miss it here. Take a look a the time you will commit to your business, and set a target for how many contacts per day that you’ll develop.

An example would be to shoot for ten contacts per day initially. Starting out, eight could be new prospects you establish communication with, and 2 could be followups with people you’ve already spoken with about your opportunity (who are still open).

Step 6 – Expand Your Downline Group and Customer Base

Focus on connecting with new prospects each day and following up with your previous MLM leads. If you consistently present your products and opportunity to 10-20 people each day:

  • 1-2 should eventually join you
  • 1-2 should become retail customers

I said “should” because you never know how long it will take some people to study the situation, think it over, and make a decision. Just know that consistently making those connections will result in sponsoring people, and growing your network marketing business in other ways as well.

Step 7 – Enjoy Money and Free Time

The last step to prosperity with your network marketing business is the best. Enjoy the money and time freedom that your hard work has earned for you! Consistent effort, tempered with reasonable patience, will earn you the lifestyle that you truly deserve!


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