HBS 012: How to Use Traffic Exchanges Effectively

using traffic exchanges effectivelyTraffic exchanges have been around for many years, and seem to be as popular as ever. They are touted as a great way to get leads and prospects for whatever you are offering with your online home business.

I’ve always found them to be interesting, because you can use traffic exchanges effectively to get a lot of eyeballs on your opportunity or offer. The key is knowing what works in this environment, and how to present it for best results.

As with any advertising method, there are upsides and downsides to promoting your product or business this way. One upside is that it can be relatively inexpensive (but does require your time). However, you can’t just put up any old web page and expect results. In this environment, you have to think carefully about what the traffic to your site will be primarily interested in. You have to provide that for them in order to get decent results.

In this podcast, let’s look at….

  • who the typical traffic exchange user is, and what they are there for (critical to understand this)
  • what type of offer doesn’t convert well in traffic exchanges (but most people do just this)
  • what works best to get the attention of traffic exchange surfers
  • are traffic exchanges worth your time and effort?

Show Notes

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