Six Great Ways to Turn Your MLM Prospects Away

six ways to turn off your mlm prospectsToday, let’s talk about six great ways to turn your MLM prospects off, and send them away to talk to someone else.

Now, obviously that isn’t what you want to do, right?   🙂

However, sometime it helps to look at things from a reverse perspective in order to understand (and avoid) them better. Plus, I’m still amazed at how many people use these lines in their sponsoring efforts, apparently not understanding how they are coming across. This kind of stuff just doesn’t work too well anymore.

I would love for you to add to this list in the comments below, if you have a recruiting line that is a particular annoyance to you.

Six Great (?) Lines for Sponsoring Your MLM Prospects

1) “this is ground floor, you need to get in now while the big money is being made

2) “our super duper triple payout astronomical comp plan will blow you away

3) “we are the next billion dollar company in our market

4) “our supplements have 100 grams more jungle juice extract than anyone else’s

5) “this is once in a lifetime, don’t get left behind wishing you had come on board in time

6) “million dollar earner Joe Jones left his company to join us

What are your favorites?


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  1. You know, far too many of those lines have a familiar ring to them Eldon … and yet (some) people never seem to learn. I’ve even been seriously pitched in forum communities that expressly prohibit that kind of thing. I think it’s just as important to be aware of what doesn’t work, as what does – it’s all part of the education. Thanks!

  2. Hi Eldon,
    Firstly thanks for visiting my “deleded blog” and leaving your comments…thanks appreciate the suggestions.
    Hey I used to be guilty of using some of those lines…thankfully that was a long time ago.
    MLM is a great consept however it is some of the teachings from so called industry leaders that spread the wrong .impression.
    Good to see some sanity come back.
    Great post.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thank Bryan, glad you got our blog back up and running. Yeah, these lines are still taught by some upline leaders, but they just don’t cut it anymore.

  3. Hi Eldon,
    I am not a sponsor, not even in MLM but I can tell you, these lines are really annoying and scare you away. I have had some bad experiences with people trying to get me involved and they were using those bad “pick-up lines” that ring the bells :). An other line that I hate is: “I can not give you any details about what we do but you are very welcome to join us at our conference for just a little amount of money, but surely there is going to be some coffee served” 😀

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi Nella, thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah, the “secretive” approach annoys many people. There is often good reason to not give all the details when someone asks “give me the details” right up front. In my business, our presentation is highly visual and getting people to actually experience our product is important to an understanding of the opportunity and product. You can’t just tell the story in a few words. However, you have to be up front and explain this, rather than acting like you’re hiding some deep dark secret, you know? 🙂

  4. Eldon,

    Those are our scripts in the 80’s utilized in the old days, with Amway and others. We had to use them as that was the script. Even though with a great personality, and a smile it worked. Those were just for selling products.

    Thank God we have a more ethical approach in changing peoples lifestyles. Yes, we build relationships that are bonded on trust. We take ourselves out of the equation. We focus on the person. What they desire and dream. We edify and empower them to the point they are hungry for personal change and building a real solid business. This is just the beginning.

    Any real business opportunity has no pressure and time limitation built in. Those days are going. You want people who are tried of all the hype and wasted money. People who want the truth no matter what it is.

    People will join anything if the like you. Your the product. Just get that and everything will start to make some since. Take time a listen to people without thinking you must solve some kind of problem.

    Eldon, I love this topic and shall return. I knew visiting your blog would give me ideas to help more people understand this lifestyle we have chosen. Now just to share and support others accomplish their success as they determined. Enjoying helping people get what they want and expecting nothing in return. That is priceless!

  5. This is a great list that …well give me shivers.

    I don’t have any specific lines that get to me, it’s more of an approach. Whenever anyone uses one of these approaches the basic focus is all the same: the company or them but never on the person they are talking to. Whenever someone is so focused on the opportunity and forgets to focus on people and solving a genuine need they have, it’s easy for the train to go off of the tracks!

  6. “it sells itself!”

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