What is Network Marketing? Is This Business For You?

Starting your own home business is something that just about anyone can do. While researching various home based opportunities, you may have asked yourself, “what is network marketing”? “Will it work for me”? Network marketing (also known as MLM or multi-level marketing) opportunities provide you with a way to start your own business from home, …Read More

What is Network Marketing All About?

What is network marketing, and how does it stack up as a home based business opportunity? The answer to that depends entirely on the experience and perspective of who you ask! It is interesting how one person can take a given opportunity and achieve financial independence, while another will quit after a few weeks and …Read More

Choosing the Right Network Marketing Opportunity

To be successful with a network marketing opportunity, it is important to do a good job choosing the company and product that makes sense for you. All too often, new marketers make the mistake of choosing an opportunity based on hype and glitter, an appearance that may not be so real once they get “on …Read More

Top 10 Ways to Evaluate a Network Marketing Opportunity

Finding the right network marketing opportunity for you is an inspiring yet challenging process. Maybe you’re ready to get started with your own home business, but just not sure how to sort out and evaluate the various opportunities. Maybe you have been working a business, but something just doesn’t seem in sync between your company, …Read More

Are You Selling a Network Marketing Opportunity?

How do you approach marketing and promoting your network marketing opportunity? Are you out there talking about the awesomeness of your product and compensation plan? Are you showing pictures of the BMW’s that the top leaders are driving for free, thanks to the generosity of your company? What is your approach? Many networkers focus on …Read More

Network Marketing Scam or Lottery Ticket?

I once knew a guy who decided he would sign up and be part of a network marketing scam. Now, at the time he enrolled he didn’t realize that he was getting into a scam, but after a couple months he just knew he had. Jack worked as an industrial contractor during the day, was …Read More

Network Marketing Opportunity Entrepreneurs – Who Stands Out From the Crowd?

What makes one person promoting a network marketing opportunity stand out from the crowd, and another just blend into the background, virtually unnoticed? When you start looking at people promoting network marketing businesses online, you can pick out some pretty distinct styles. Some are old-school “in your face” marketers who still believe that shouting out …Read More