7 Billion Dollar Networker

learning from the 7 billion dollar networkerI think you’ll enjoy this video by Doug Firebaugh, one of the most noted and respected MLM and networking marketing trainers in the world today.

In this short presentation, Doug talks about some interesting observations that his mentor (the 7 Billion Dollar Networker) made that I think are quite profound.

One lesson here – adapt with the times and embrace new technologies for building your network marketing business. The “tried and true” methods still work, and the basic fundamentals of building relationships still apply.

However, we live in an age of fast-paced technology, and people are learning  to meet and connect in different ways than we could have imagined just a  few years ago. Who would have foreseen the Facebook phenomenon? Could anyone have imagined something like Twitter being a serious way to connect?

I have the pleasure of working with Doug and a select team of top network marketing leaders on a project (coming to you soon) that will bring you the skills necessary to adapt and thrive in today’s “social media” driven world, both online and offline. Stay tuned!

Enjoy this video, more news to follow soon.

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