Google Plus – Should You Join the Party?

should you use Google Plus?Google Plus is the new kid on the block as far as social networks go.

It is not getting a ton of discussion and participation from the home business niche just yet, but it’s still very new and appears to be growing rapidly.

Google Plus is similar to Facebook and other social networking sites in that you connect with people, make new friends, comment, upload pictures &  video, interact, etc.

The question is, for those already engaged with Facebook and other networking communities, is there any real reason to add yet another social networking site to the mix?

Here are some things to consider.

With roughly 90 million users now, Google Plus is growing at an impressive pace. If you are networking and promoting your home business online, it makes sense to have a presence in the community sponsored by the world’s most popular search engine. Given their strong influence and presence in almost everything search related, can we afford to ignore this?

It is widely believed (and history makes a case for this) that Google will somehow factor popularity and activity on its new social network into search results. You can already see this happening to some extent. If you are logged into your Google account and have already set up your profile for Plus, you will see search results that may be influenced by your activity and preferences in the network.

I’m talking about searches you might make as always, but conducted while logged into your Google account. They can custom tailor your personal search results based on who you follow, your favorites, your interests as noted in your profile, etc. It is all intended to make your search results more relevant to you, and doesn’t happen unless you are logged into your account at the time you do the searches.

See Google Plus Your World.

Here are two features of this new community that set it apart a bit from Facebook.

Google Plus Circles

The circles (contacts you want to keep together) make it easy to separate your connections into distinct groups. This makes it easier to share specific things with specific groups. This is one thing I really like. You can put old classmates into one circle, your professional business contacts in another, family in another, and so forth. When you have something to share with your family members that you don’t want your other contacts to see, for example, it’s very simple. Great feature.

Google Plus Hangouts

This is a very simple, easy to use way to start a video chat with one of your friends (or several in a group). The technology to do this has been around for a while, but the “Hangouts” make it painless and easy for everyone.

If you are building a network marketing business, think about the possibilities of doing a small group video brainstorming chat with your team leaders – right from your phone if you like! The apps are there to make this a true “video chat from wherever you are” solution.

Here is the bottom line, as I see it. Yes, most of us are using Facebook and other networks as part of our home business building efforts. Whether to join yet another network is debatable. There is only so much time in a day to do all this. With Google’s far-reaching influence on everything search-related, though, I believe that being part of Google Plus is smart.

There are quite a few videos out there that show how to set up a Google Plus account. However, if you are already using Facebook and other networks, you’ll find that creating your account and profile is very intuitive and not difficult at all.

Go to and sign in with your existing account. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to create one and get started right away.

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  1. Well I see a lot of people or marketers uses google plus. So I had to try it and It is just like Facebook but the advantage of marketing in google plus is far more better than Facebook.

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