Are You Selling a Network Marketing Opportunity?

are you selling your network marketing opportunityHow do you approach marketing and promoting your network marketing opportunity?

Are you out there talking about the awesomeness of your product and compensation plan? Are you showing pictures of the BMW’s that the top leaders are driving for free, thanks to the generosity of your company? What is your approach?

Many networkers focus on trying to sell their network marketing opportunity. The problem is, people aren’t really interested in buying into an opportunity, no matter the perks, or the dazzling compensation plan. This is sometime hard to grasp, because most of us were taught that sales is all about features and benefits.

Dale Carnegie, in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, makes the following observation.

“Thousands of salespeople are pounding the pavements today, tired, discouraged and underpaid. Why? Because they are always thinking only of what they want. They don’t realize that neither you nor I want to buy anything. If we did, we would go out and buy it. But both of us are eternally interested in solving our problems. And if salespeople can show us how their services or merchandise will help us solve our problems, they won’t need to sell us. We’ll buy. And customers like to feel that they are buying – not being sold.”

It’s amazing how the old classics contain the most profound truths. While those in network marketing are not “salespeople” in the sense that Mr. Carnegie was thinking of, many are indeed tired, discouraged and underpaid for the same reasons. Those reasons, the critical “take away” of this quote, centers on two things:

  • nobody really wants to buy anything
  • everyone wants to find solutions to their problems

People who are prime candidates for your network marketing opportunity have problems they are looking to solve. Some of those problems might include:

  • a mom who badly wants to stay home and be with her young children
  • a man whose body is breaking down from physical labor and needs a better way
  • someone with debts to pay off that has no hope of doing so with just job income
  • anyone who stumbled into a career path they hate and wants to get out

These are just a few examples, but here is the deal. Again, people don’t care about buying into your network marketing opportunity. That’s just another expense and they really don’t have time to fool with it anyway. But what if….what if you can show them how starting and building a home business can help them earn enough income to solve their most painful problem?

The mom who needs just a few hundred dollars of income a month to stay home with her kids. The aging laborer who wants to get away from the physical pain brought on by manual labor every day. The guy who owes a bunch of money and has firmly resolved to get out of debt, but needs a way. The frustrated office worker who is tired of corporate politics and bull and wants out badly.

Show people how your network marketing opportunity can solve their problem, and relieve pain in their life. Don’t try to sell them anything. They don’t want to buy. Solve a problem!

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  1. Once again very wise advice – it’s always been benefits before features. Actually, one of the greatest skills we can master is thoughtful listening … amazing the things we can learn.

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Yeah, and being a good listener isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most important skills you can master.

  3. Eldon,

    This is a great post. And it doesn’t just apply to network marketing. You can get anything you want in life if you help other people get what they want. When you show someone how to overcome their problems, the world is at your finger tips. Keep these good articles coming.

    Best Regards,
    Chuck Holmes

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