Tips for Selling Affiliate Products Using YouTube

youtube affiliate marketingMy Home Business Radio Network show that’s running right now is about tips for selling affiliate products and making some extra money online.

I have people ask me from time to time how they can make some income from affiliate marketing without having an established blog or website that gets a lot of traffic.

One solution is to harness the power of YouTube for ranking on page 1 of Google with keywords related to the products you want to sell.

Affiliate marketing isn’t an overnight key to riches, but you can make some extra cash doing it. Despite what anyone tells you, there is no easy formula that works for everybody and every product. Making money online and getting found in searches is very fluid and the dynamics can change often. The key is following some solid basics and being patient.

Here are a few simple steps to help you get started.

Find Your Product

To get started, go over the Clickbank and signing up for an account. Clickbank sells lots of digital products (ebooks, courses, software, just about anything you can download immediately after purchasing it). Once you are signed up, check out their Marketplace and choose a product that interests you.

If you are brand new, I would avoid the Internet marketing related products, as competition is fierce. Choose a product perhaps related to a hobby or some topic you are passionate about. You want to be able to talk and write about this product easily.

Look for Good Keywords

Go to the Google Keyword Tool and type in the product name, as well as “product name review”. See if anyone is looking for them by name. Check some related keywords that are suggested by the tool as well.

Be sure to set the search to “exact match” (left side of the screen). Look for keywords that have around 1000 exact match global searches and write them down.

Check the Keywords in Google Search

Once you have found some good keywords that have around 1000 global monthly searches or more, search that keyword in Google.

Are there any YouTube videos on page 1 of the search results? If so, click and view them on YouTube. Look at the number of views, subscribers, likes, and how long ago the video was uploaded. If there aren’t a lot of views or likes (say <100), and the video was uploaded fairly recently, this might be a good keyword to shoot for. You can’t always tell for sure until you give it a shot. There are many dynamics that come into play, you have to test and test some more. Just taking action is the key.

Create Your Video

The next step is to create a simple video to encourage people to click your affiliate link and view the sales page. Your video’s purpose is to encourage the viewer to click the link, NOT sell the product. These videos will be 2-3 minutes long tops.

I use a very simple program (Windows Movie Maker) to do these. If you have Camtasia Studio, that works great as well, but all you need is a basic video creation tool. Keep it simple is the key.

Create 2-3 slides that point out the benefits of using the product, and perhaps some slides with images of the product. The last slide should point the user to your affiliate link. Here is a video that one of my associates created to sell a product called “Easy Video Player” – this is the type of video I’m talking about. In this video, he inserted a clip from the actual video on the product sales page.

Write a Keyword Rich Description & Add Tags

Create a nice description for the product, making liberal use of related keywords. I generally write about 300-500 words, and remember that the focus is on getting the viewer to click on your affiliate link. Check the description in the video above as an example.

Your tags should include your keyword plus related terms. Here is one way to find these. Go back to the Google Keyword Tool and search for your keyword. Copy some of the most popular related terms and use them as tags for your video. Don’t overdo it, maybe 10-15 is sufficient.

Relax and Start Building Some Backlinks

Unless you have chosen a magic keyword that has no competition, it will likely take a few days to get ranked on Google at all. You will need some links back to your video to help boost it up and get some exposure. Begin by posting a link to your YouTube videos or your channel in your social profiles, signatures, every place you can “legally” place a link. Then, look for related videos on YouTube (not necessarily your competition, but related topics) and post thoughtful and intelligent comments about them. This gives you more exposure and links back to your video and channel.

So that’s about it, all in all a pretty simple process. The key is finding buyer keywords that are actually getting searched, but that still have sufficiently weak competition to give you a chance to outrank them.

Have fun!


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