How Many MLM Products Are Too Many?

how many mlm products can you sell at one time?How many MLM products are too many?

If you’ve found several different products that are excellent quality and people are buying them, is it smart to take on multiple opportunities and diversify your income streams?

I met a guy a couple years ago who was very interested in getting into MLM network marketing, but he was facing a dilemma. He had uncovered two excellent opportunities, both with products that strongly appealed to him, and couldn’t make up his mind as to which would be his best bet.

He was considering promoting both, because his thinking was “if someone doesn’t like Product A they might be interested in Product B“.

The idea being, of course, to have double the chance of catching the interest of any one prospect.

It’s an interesting thought, but typically it’s counterproductive to try and build a profitable business around more than one MLM product. There are several reasons for this.

  • it takes serious dedication and focus to achieve success with just one solid MLM opportunity, especially when starting your business part time as most people do
  • in almost all cases, taking the “multiple income streams” approach doesn’t work so well for MLM opportunities, although it’s the approach of choice for Internet and affiliate marketers (totally different type of business model)
  • it becomes tempting to take on more and more programs, to diversify your “portfolio”, and become something of an MLM junkie

A few years ago, when I first started in network marketing, I met a man online who was the “king of diversification”. He was in so many businesses that it was mind boggling. Here is his MLM junkie story, and he is an extreme example of what not to do for success in MLM.

The best general advice for enthusiastic entrepreneurs  just starting out in business is to carefully choose one solid opportunity you feel good about, and stick to it until you’re earning a full-time income. This is important because there are certain skills you will need to learn on the path to network marketing success, and the last thing you want to do is scatter your focus by trying to diversify and promote multiple MLM product lines.

As you read this, you may be thinking of someone you know or have heard about who is making big money with more than one business. It does happen and can be done, but dig deeper and see how those people arrived at that point. In all cases like this that I’m familiar with, one business was built up big and had reached the point where it was growing exponentially before another business was launched. These multi-MLM success stories didn’t start out in the beginning with a portfolio, they concentrated their effort on one business until it was very successful.

So, to answer the question of how many MLM products are too many, let’s say that focusing on one good solid opportunity is your best bet. As always, do your research first and carefully examine the company and the product. Look at the timing in the market. Pick a business that excites you, both in terms of the income potential and the products that will be the foundation of the business. Get that passion, commit to one, and go for the top!

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  1. Well said. Well said. Especially for new marketers it makes sense to focus focus focus. However, as you mention down the road it can be done to participate in multiple companies. I love your thorough explanation and think this is an article for many who are wondering and wandering in their choices. Ask yourself the question: What do you want to promote and enjoy doing it – then start there.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hi VaNessa, that’s it! What do you want to promote that you can enjoy….the product your opportunity is all about, and how you feel about it, is SO critical to your success!

  2. Sounds like good advice Eldon, especially considering the high percentage of newbies that don’t make it – not just in MLM but in any new business opportunity.

  3. Trevor Barrett says:

    Eldon, this reminds me of the old saying “jack of all trades master of none”. It is so difficult to be successful at one thing that to try to diversify is dangerous.

    This does not matter whether we are talking about sport, network marketing or any other business. It just would not be possible for the best golfers to be the best football players, it takes too much dedication to get good at one thing. Why should business be any different?

  4. Eldon,
    You are so right. I know the temptation to get involved with several good companies, but then you do not have the time or energy to focus on any one of them. Successful MLM marketers attend meetings, listen to weekly calls, create meetings with prospects, make phone calls, etc. That can become impossible when you are juggling too many different products.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Dr. Erica, I appreciate your comment! It’s so easy to take on too much and accomplish little in anything…which is why focusing your effort on one opportunity is so important, especially if you’re building it part-time.

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