Is Lack of Conviction Holding Your MLM Business Back?

having doubts about her mlm network marketing businessMLM and network marketing is all about sharing your enthusiasm and belief in a home business model that has made many people wealthy and financially independent. Deep down, you hope you’re the next big success story at your company convention and you really want to build it big.

Under it all, though, maybe there is something holding you back. You see other people having great success with their MLM business, and wonder what they might be doing differently from you.

While there can be various obstacles to success in MLM, one thing that is very common is a lack of conviction. This is often revealed when someone (particularly someone new in the business) is strongly reluctant to approach their warm market to tell them about their new business.

There is often the feeling that “I need to be successful and making some money first, otherwise my friends will laugh at me“. If you’ve ever felt this way, it’s time to take stock of your beliefs and attitudes toward MLM and network marketing in general.

I’ve found that many people in MLM really do feel excited about the potential of their business, but there is something lurking in the back of their mind somewhere that holds them back. That something is often a collection of negative stories or one-liners they’ve heard and read about the MLM industry over the years.

Uncle Joe tried that Amway thing and ended up a bunch of products he couldn’t get rid of…

My friend got involved in one of those pyramid deals – I need to talk some sense into him…

MLM is a scam, and people who promote it are scam artists looking for quick bucks…

Only people who get in at the top of the MLM pyramid make any money…

You get the idea. Because MLM and network marketing is such a powerful home business model, it does tend to attract con artists who sell hope to people out there desperately looking for cash or a way out of a bad financial situation. It’s sad, but that’s the reality.

This is why it’s so important to pick a reputable company with outstanding products, and then get grounded in the real potential of owning a successful MLM business. Talk to people in your upline who are successful and making good money. Listen to their story, their struggles, and let their experiences serve as inspiration for you.

If you’re brand new and feel funny talking to people you know before you’ve made your first dollar in your business, take the honest approach. Say something like this, and don’t be afraid to admit you’re new in business. The biggest businesses in the world started at zero profit.

I just started my business with [company name], and I’m really excited about the potential. My sponsor (or someone upline) is very successful and is making great money. I want you to know about this because I’d really enjoy working with you, and I value your opinion.

Work on your conviction and confidence – it will help you break out and achieve greater success with your MLM business!

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    a great article. Yes, we need to be really convinced about the business model and about ourselves in order for us to be successful in MLM Network Marketing. And we need to know what we want, deep down.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


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