Is Online MLM and Network Marketing the Right Home Business For You?

dad working mlm network marketing business onlineAre you considering a network marketing (MLM) home business opportunity and wondering if it makes sense for you? You’ve probably heard that some people have great success with online MLM and network marketing, so perhaps you’re taking a look to see if this might work for you.

Welcome to one of the most promising and profitable online home business opportunities!

Don’t be confused by all  the different terms. Network marketing, MLM, and multilevel marketing all refer to the same home business model. I frequently use these terms interchangeably. “MLM” or “multilevel marketing” was the original term, then “network marketing” was coined as a more accurate way to describe our industry.

Here are three things to consider if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting a network marketing business online.

Online MLM is Not Anonymous

Sometime people are drawn to online MLM and network marketing because they don’t really like to deal with people directly. They may have heard stories about “belly to belly” prospecting and have a fear of approaching people about their business. This is the first and most important point I can make – our business is still a “people business”, and you must be willing to talk to other people and interact. The great news is that you no longer are limited to traditional tactics for finding business prospects, such as working through a list of 100 friends and relatives, many of whom are not looking for a home business opportunity anyway.

Have you heard about “attraction marketing”? This enables you to completely eliminate some of the negatives of traditional MLM that you might be thinking about. How does the idea of talking to people who come to you and ask for details about your opportunity sound? It’s the best way to go, and online MLM makes it possible.

Investment in Money and Time

The rising popularity of social networks like Facebook has made it possible to meet a lot of new contacts and build a strong online presence without spending a lot of money. Most of the popular social networks are free to use. Making contacts and finding prospects this way simply requires a little training, and a commitment of time to make it happen.

You will also need to invest some money in setting up your own personal web site (to tell your story and send prospects to), as well as some incidental expenses for other forms of advertising and promotion. You can do a lot on a moderate budget, but if your money is really limited in the beginning, you can still be successful by compensating for a lack of funds with an increased investment of time until your business begins showing a profit.

A Realistic Vision for Your Network Marketing Business

If your desire is to build a full-time income with your online business, you’ll need to set realistic short and long-term goals and be prepared to stick to them. With the tremendous opportunity we have to build a profitable business online, it’s important not to underestimate the amount of commitment and effort required.

Some shady MLM recruiters will tell you that their system will get you in profit and making a full-time income almost effortlessly, and fast! When you see this type of promise (hey, some actually say they GUARANTEE it), run away as quickly as you can. A real business requires real effort and nobody will do it for you. One of the great things about MLM and network marketing is that you will be part of a team, and your team will help you in every way possible to be successful and make money. You still do your share, but it sure is a lot easier and more fun when you have a strong team behind you!

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