Online MLM Sponsoring – 3 Simple Steps to Achieve Success

three simple steps to online network marketing and mlm sponsoringIs online mlm and network marketing hard? Can you really be successful sponsoring people online, and set yourself apart from the crowd that does it all wrong and ultimately fails?

Without doubt, MLM and network marketing provides a fantastic business opportunity that gives you the chance to build a true residual income and achieve things that you’ve always dreamed of. Are you working hard at your business, but perhaps not sponsoring as many as you’d like?

You can’t make significant money in MLM and network marketing unless you sponsor others and help them become successful as well. The training and support after they join is one thing, but getting great prospects to team up with you is the first step.

Sponsoring and recruiting involves making contacts, getting your opportunity in front of people, and ultimately getting a percentage of them to join with you.

You’ve probably heard people say that sponsoring is a “numbers game”. In essence, it really is. Let’s say 100 people take a look at your opportunity one way or another. Of this number:

  • 20 might be content as they are and have no interest in making more money
  • 15 might have an “Uncle Harry” who failed in Amway or some other business, thus they believe it can’t work for them
  • 35 might be great prospects in the future, but the timing is not right for them now
  • 10 might be in the market for a business, but yours is not a good fit for them
  • 20 might be open to working with you, and are excellent prospects

Of course, this is theory, and your real life experience will vary. The point is, when you work with prospects, you need to “go the extra mile” to maximize your chance of sponsoring them. This is where the “3 Simple Steps” come into play.

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