Is Online MLM the Right Choice for You?

online MLM entrepreneur emailing her leadsFrom the time I started my first online MLM business back in late 1990 (all we had was text based message boards back then), online marketing has been a passion of mine. I don’t know of a faster or better way to connect with a large audience of prospects all over the world than this.

Now, that said, is online MLM and network marketing right for everyone? Perhaps you’ve already started (or considered starting) your own home business on the Internet.  If you know what you want, have clearly defined goals, and understand that building a serious business (online or offline) is hard work, you can actually achieve success online pretty quickly. What it takes is intelligent planning and consistent daily effort.

Is building your business online the way for you to go? Diving into the world of online marketing can be a goldmine for you, as long as you do your homework and understand what it takes to achieve the success you desire.

Online MLM, despite the temptation to think of it as an automated process where you generate leads and wait for them to sign up, is still a people business first and foremost. The Internet is simply a tool to help you find and meet prospects. Ultimately, you’ll need to enjoy working with other people and helping them build their own successful business. It’s all about adding people to your contact list daily, building relationships with them over the long term, and hanging in there with consistent daily actions.

Sometime people are drawn to the idea of online home business ventures because they really don’t like to talk to people. They are looking for systems and automated tools they can set in motion and watch the cash roll in. Automated tools help you a LOT to find prospects and meet people, but they can’t do all the work. That is, if you want a truly stable long-term income. There is a personal touch, the relationships with REAL people, that is the key.

An important point – while it IS possible to create a nice MLM residual income on the Internet, it is still very desirable to work your business in your local market also. Especially for people who have little or no online MLM marketing experience, working locally in your warm market while building up your online reputation and brand makes sense.

To achieve success in online MLM and network marketing:

  • you should like working with people to help them make money and be successful
  • you must invest money and time into your business – this is essential – avoid the temptation to look for shortcuts
  • you will need to focus on doing the right things for 2-5 years in order to build a strong and stable income (some people with serious drive do it considerably faster)

The bottom line is, an online MLM business is the way to go, so long as you keep things balanced. Don’t neglect your local warm market while you are ramping up your online marketing machine. Get some action going both offline and online – this is what most of the top earners do and it makes sense.

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  1. Great advice as always Eldon. I’ve met some of those people you referenced – who don’t really want to have to talk to or meet with people in person. I love, LOVE working online – but I make a point of mixing my schedule up to include personal conversations and meetings … of course in part because I’m afraid if I didn’t I’d end up never getting dressed or brushing my hair!

    • LOL Marquita, that’s a great reason for getting out….I know the feeling, I sometime get so busy online that the room my computer is in becomes like a cave….so it’s great to get out now and then! 🙂

  2. Hi Eldon….great post and I think you hit the nail on the head with “you should like working with people to help them make money and be successful”. Online marketing can be a fabulous way to generate leads, but to convert those leads into people joining your business and help them be successful, you need to be prepared to speak with them direct and enjoy working with people. Your advice to work on your local warm market whilst building your online reputation is spot on.

    • Hi Louise, I appreciate your thoughts! Yeah, about the online vs warm marketing thing, it does take a good bit of time to become known and trusted online in the various social networking communities, so it’s always good to be working offline during that time. Just to get leads and income coming in.

  3. Hi Eldon,

    Interesting post. I have been marketing online for about 4 years now and I wouldn’t do it any other way. Being a Part Time Marketer with a full time job, I look for any way to leverage my time. The Internet is the most powerful leveraging tool I’ve found.

    I think the difference between traditional MLM and online MLM is simply HOW you get your prospects, because like you said it’s still a people and relationship business, isn’t it? I prefer to attract others to me using the Internet rather than inviting people to home parties hoping they’ll show up.

    I’m not knocking home parties, its just not my cup of tea.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Bob,

      Home parties are not my cup of tea either. I agree totally with you about attracting people interested in opportunity – that’s the way to go.

  4. Jaden Daniels says:

    Thanks for sharing your information. Question. I have been neglecting my warm market. A guy asked me the other day what was it I did online. Well I didn’t want to get into the conversation, because my wife and I had went to dinner and then stop by to have a couple of drinks. (Not the best time to talk business). Anyway, I was thinking about getting some business cards. I am in a couple of businesses. One that has to do with fitness and one that has to do with internet marketing, both MLM’s. I wasn’t sure if I should put both on one card. What is your opinion?

    • Hi Jaden, I wouldn’t put both businesses on one business card. What I would consider doing is choosing one of your opportunities as your primary focus, and put that one on the card. Lead with it when talking to warm market prospects. For the other business, you can offer it later to people who aren’t a good fit for your primary business, or however you want to approach that. The key here is to avoid coming across up front as a “one stop bizop shop”. People will take you more seriously if you’re dedicated and focused.

      • Jaden Daniels says:

        I see what you are saying. I guess I will get 2 business cards, because I am passionate about 2 businesses, but they have nothing to do with each other. One business is internet marketing and the other has to do with fitness. I really love both and I can’t decide which one I should use as my primary.
        Do you think I should still choose one? I mean when I am networking offline, some people ask me what I do online and some ask me about my fitness.


        • Eldon Beard says:

          Jaden, if they are both network marketing opportunities, I’d definitely focus on one of them. When you are in the strong building phase (you haven’t reached full-time income or whatever your goal is) you just end up diluting your efforts if you try to actively work more than one. Putting your full effort into one business is more effective than putting a partial effort into two or more.

  5. Hi Eldon
    I hate to admit it, but I was one of the people that thought online MLM = full automation/No face-time.

    Luckily a lady by the name of Kimberley set me straight and started me on a journey of self discovery.
    I have learned that while technology does help you to automate your funnel, you need to build relationships to build a successful business.
    Thanks for reminding me once again of the right way to do things

    • Thanks Ben, you nailed it when you said that technology helps automate the funnel, and capture the initial leads, but relationship building must begin at that point. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Great point here. Network marketing is absolutely about building relationships and helping real people. The internet totally automates and speeds up the process of getting new leads – once you’ve gone through your warm market offline……This is exactly how I train my team….Especially the newbies to MLM. Work on your warm market first to legitimize your business then expand by leveraging the internet. Great post man – spot on.

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