The Magic of Thinking Big in Network Marketing

thinking big for network marketing prosEvery network marketing entrepreneur should have a library of good books and resources they can go to for inspiration, training, and help when needed.

Do you?

I believe that every successful networker I’ve met has been a big believer in self education, ongoing self improvement, and always being a student. Always open to learning how to do everything they do, better.

How do you feel about this?

I pulled my copy of “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz off my bookshelf this morning. While thumbing through, I landed on a section where he talks about “how to think big”. I am doing a show on the Home Business Radio Network this week on this topic, so check that out for sure, but here are a few tidbits from that training.

After revealing how important thinking big is to success, Schwartz created a chart to illustrate the differences between a “petty thinker’s approach” and a “big thinker’s approach”. As a successful network marketing entrepreneur, you have to have a good grip on this concept. Little thinking keeps you small, big thinking takes you where you want to go.

Here are a couple of good examples and how they relate to your network marketing business success.

Thoughts About the Future

A petty thinker, when thinking of the future, views their future as limited or finite. They might think “maybe if I’m lucky I can get up to $2000 per month income but I’ll be doing great to do that!’

A big thinker, viewing their future, sees it as very promising and virtually unlimited. There is no I’ll be lucky to make x amount of money, it’s more like “I can earn all I want from my network marketing business. Big difference!

Companionship Choices

A petty thinker will tend to be surrounded by other petty thinkers, by choice. It’s true, your current attitude will tend to be reflected in those you spend the most time around.

Big thinkers will surround themselves with other big thinkers, also by choice. They understand that associating with people who have large ideas, big dreams, and the enthusiasm to pull it off is one of the true keys to success in any business or profession.

People just tend to be more like those they hang out with, you know? It reflects an attitude. I’m not one of those who would ever say dump all your negative friends, because we all have people like this in our lives and some are very dear, but just avoid hanging out with them all the time. Spend your time with those who are doing what you want to do and thinking the way you want to think.

This is really good stuff. If you have a copy of The Magic of Thinking Big in your personal library, grab it and go back over it. If you don’t have it, get it.

If you don’t have a personal library of educational and motivational books that teach skills and mindset necessary for success in network marketing, get one started immediately. And read the books. You can do this with physical books, audio books, books in PDF format, whatever you want. Just do it.

Hear more about big thinking and how it helps you achieve greater success in your network marketing business. Join me this week on the Home Business Radio Network – just check the schedule for the Eldon Beard show.


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  1. Just wanted to say HI. I found your blog a few days ago on Technorati and have been reading it over the past few days.

  2. You are right Eldon…all serious entrepreneurs should have a BIG
    I just pulled out The Magic Of Thinking Big….from page 168

    Grow these three attitudes.
    Make them your allies in everything you do.

    1. Grow the attitude of I’m activated.
    2. Grow the attitude of You are important.
    3. Grow the attitude of service first.


  3. I like your Blog. Most MLM blogs tend to focuse only on strategies and tools. But, emotional intelligence is probably more important than strategies. I have read that book 3 times, and I plan to read it again soon!

  4. Eldon Beard says:

    Hello Miguel, I appreciate your comments! I’m very committed to teaching not just strategies and tools, but also the mental side of the business. You have to have your mindset right to achieve the best success.

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