More Topics to Blog About

topics to blog aboutLooking for more topics to blog about?

All of us have “writer’s block” from time to time. Even the most accomplished bloggers will have occasions when their creativity seems to go dry.

Use these as idea starters when you get stuck and can’t think of anything to blog about.

Share a YouTube video (inspirational or related to your business) and comment on it.

Do a video and share a success tip or a how-to, for example how you answered a particular objection that a prospect had.

Write a post about how to do something. For example, if you once feared calling prospects, write a “how to overcome your fear of calling prospects” type of post.

Address a common misconception. For example, a common misconception is that MLM and network marketing are pyramid schemes. Address it.

Think of some turning points in your business – highlight your successes and light bulb moments – you can do this even if you are fairly new.

Create a FAQ post. Frequently asked questions about sponsoring, network marketing, objections, relationship building, prospecting, etc.

Think of problems and obstacles new people in your business face, and write in detail about causes and solutions.

Write a Top 10 or 20 List. “Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Network Marketing Business”. “Top 20 Places to Find Prospects Online”.

Review a product that helped you in your business. Perhaps a book that inspired you, or a training course that helped you develop new skills. What did you get out of it? Was anything missing you’d like to see? How is it different from similar products? Would you recommend it to others?

Ask your readers what they think about popular topics in the industry. For example, I once asked my readers about the most common objections they got from MLM prospects and how they dealt with them.

Write about something that most people think of as complex, and break it down to make it simple. For example, many people think of setting up a WordPress blog as complex so I’ve created content that  breaks it down and makes it simple.

Write about something new you tried – perhaps a prospecting technique? Was it effective or not? If you did it again, would you do it differently? Would you advise others to try it?

Do an audio recording on something you feel knowledgeable about that will help your readers. Mixing up written word with audio and video is quite effective.

If you have someone in your group who is having unusual success, analyze it. Why are they having this success? What are they doing that others don’t?

Analyze why someone failed in your business. Where did they go wrong? How should your readers avoid making the same mistake?

Review a book that applies to your industry. Create a synopsis of it.

Write an inspirational post. Be encouraging and help people see that they can do it too.

Write an update type of post – talk about how something used to be, and how it is today. For example, this technique was effective at one time, but today there are better ways. I use this when talking about MLM high pressure tactics as were practiced years ago vs building relationships and long term vision that is taught today.

Go back to previous posts, pick an idea, and expand on it in more depth.

Write a post about something you would do differently now, from your present perspective. Consider what you know today to analyze past successes and failures.

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. Hi Eldon,
    There have been quite a few times when I have hit that brick wall.
    The ideas just did not come and the harder you try the worse it gets.
    You have listed some great ideas… hopefully this will make it easier in the future.
    Great post … thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, Eldon! Thinking outside the box is attractive but not very easy, you know. Every time when I am stuck with blogs ideas I just tell something personal. I think that there is now way to have difficulties in that:)

  3. Great post my friend. its true sometimes you just run into a wall and are stuck and other days you may post like 5 post… i guess as long as you are consistant everything will be fine. great post.

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