How to Create Content for Your MLM Blog

mlm blogIf you’ve created your own MLM blog to help promote your business online, you might reach a point where it seems difficult to come up with things to write about. You don’t really want every post to be about your company or products, so what else can you write about?

First, know that your odds for attracting leads with your MLM blog are enhanced when you create new content at least 3-4 times a week.

Much less than that really doesn’t do you much good. Frequent new content not only makes it more likely that you’ll be found in Google searches, but it also shows visitors that you are committed and active in your MLM business.

If you’re pretty new to this business, you can still create great content that will draw visitors and potential leads! There will always be days when you’ll feel challenged, but that’s okay, just hang in work at it.

Here are some ideas that I’ve used – let these be the beginning of a brainstorming session for you.

Create a “My Journey” topic on your blog, where you talk about why you started your business, and then blog about your day to day experiences while building your business. Chronicle your successes, and write about things you’ve learned. Be authentic and real, and don’t be afraid to blog about problems you’ve encountered – just relate how you overcame, or are overcoming, whatever challenges you face.

Go to and do a search for articles on “network marketing”, “home business”, “mlm success” and similar topics. Find one you like, then write a blog post based on the idea or thought in the article. It is very important not to copy anyone’s work. Just read the article, think about it, and write something in your own words from your own experience.

Purchase some good books on network marketing and keep them handy for ideas. When you’re stuck, just open the book and start reading somewhere. Let an idea or thought in the book inspire your own original post on that topic. As always, relate the thought to your own experience and write your post from that angle.

Subscribe to other MLM blogs and visit message boards and forums focused on home business and MLM network marketing discussion. When you see an interesting post that inspires you, use that idea to create your own original content.

Come up with a list of commonly asked questions about MLM and network marketing, and create posts answering these questions. You can find these questions in the MLM blogs and message boards that you visit.

The idea is to provide useful content. The more you can create “how to” posts, or posts that address common questions that are asked, the more value your blog will have. The point of your MLM blog should be to establish you as a leader and attractive sponsor.

I know this can be difficult if you’re new or haven’t experienced a lot of success just yet, but do your research and create each post from the perspective of your own experience. This works best if you are actively working your business every day. Learning by doing.

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. Marti Norris says:

    Great post on content for your blog. I am new to mlm blogging and appreciate the helpful hints you provided on where to get content.

  2. Joanne Massey-Dean says:

    Great suggestions. I am very new to blogging and was not even sure how often I shoud blog. Liked the ideas to blog about also.

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