Network Marketing – One Huge Key to Success in Sponsoring

networker calling her mlm leads to follow upPromoting your network marketing business has paid off! A prospect who is very interested has contacted you, and you have sent them some information.

A few days later, you give them a call and they still sound interested, but just not ready to sign up just yet.

Now, what is the next step?

This is where some inexperienced network marketers drop the ball. This is where the MLM pros are just beginning a process of building a relationship with their prospect.

One of the big secrets to success in network marketing and MLM is maintaining a consistent, long-term follow up with prospects who are interested. The key here is “long-term”.

Many networkers believe that “follow up” means calling or emailing their prospect a couple of times, then stepping back and waiting to see what happens. Realistically, most of your prospects will not join your business after your first or second contact with them. Many are considering other options as well, and need more time to sort things out.

Since many network marketers stop making regular contact after a couple of tries, their prospects and leads tend to forget about them and move on. They will often end up going into business with someone who has consistently followed up with them over a period of time.

In my business, we have an automated system that sends out follow up emails a couple times a month (minimum) to prospects for about a year. This helps keep our business in front of them until they are comfortable and ready to make a decision. We also send special promotions and incentives to enroll to the entire list from time to time. I have had good prospects enroll after 1 or 2 years on our list. It is simply a matter of when the timing is right for them.

If your upline group does not have a system like this, you can do your own follow up routine. Use a contact manager like HighriseHQ (online and can be accessed from anywhere) or Act! (desktop software, a full featured contact manager). Both of these help you keep track of prospects and schedule reminders for follow ups.

Your follow up emails can include:

  • additional details about your opportunity and products
  • success stories about people wo are making really good money
  • examples of ways a person can succeed with your business

These follow up emails can be written in advance and sent out to your prospects automatically with an autoresponder.

This short video from Aweber Communications illustrates the process nicely:

In addition to any automated follow up system like Aweber, don’t neglect to make an occasional personal contact with your best prospects, just to let them know you’re still there when they are ready to take action.

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