Network Marketing Success Tips

network marketing success tipsWhen you think about it, “network marketing success” is what everyone starting a business is ultimately striving for, but sometime it isn’t totally clear just what it takes to achieve it.

Are you interested in building your network marketing business as quickly as possible? Is your goal to attain full time income and more?

There are many things that all work together to make network marketing success happen. Among other things, a willingness to learn and be coached is critical. If you listen to interviews with top MLM leaders, almost all will tell you that they had “no clue” when they first got started. They wisely chose to follow leadership and do what those who already had the success they desire were doing.

There are three things I’d like to introduce today that play a huge role in whether or not you make money and attain a steady long-term income. Your intentions, how you work with people, and your daily actions must be right.

Network Marketing Success – Your Intentions

Your intentions are a big key to this. When you pick up that product or something that represents your opportunity, look at it and ask yourself “what are my intentions for my business”?

You should have a clear vision and know what you want from your network marketing business. It just isn’t enough to say “I want to make some money”. If that’s all you are thinking, when things get tough in your business (they will at some point), it will be very easy to just quit and look for some other way to make money.

However, if you have a vision and a really strong WHY for your business, you will be able to hang in there when it gets tough. If you are pursuing your business diligently, there will come times when people reject you or when nothing much seems to be happening. This is normal, and everyone experiences it. If someone tells you they never have tough moments while building their business, they likely aren’t even working at it.

Network Marketing Success – Working With People

How you work with people is another key to your network marketing success. This is a people based business. Despite some who will tell you that everything can be done on the Internet without ever talking to anyone, that is just a myth. You must interact and talk to people if you want to make money in any of the network marketing companies and opportunities out there.

Make it easy for prospects and potential leads to reach you. If someone reads an interesting blog post you’ve written, and wants to contact you, of course there is always the contact form to fill out. Email, though, isn’t always reliable. Give people as many options as possible. If you don’t want to put your real phone number online, use a Google Voice number or something like that to forward calls to your cell phone.

When an interested prospect sends you an email or calls, if you can’t answer then, just make it a point to get back to them as soon as you can. One great thing in your favor – many MLM’ers out there don’t understand how important timely follow up really is. They are slow to return calls or reply to emails, and often don’t respond at all. Amazing, but much to your advantage. Those who respond quickly stand out and this is critical if you’re in the initial stages of building your business and establishing your reputation.

About your downline team – it’s pretty easy to be attentive and stay in touch when they are having success. Obviously, as your business grows, you can’t stay in constant personal touch with everyone in your group. Some will be inactive and uninterested anyway, so you don’t want to waste your time trying to get them fired up again.

Just think though, when you see someone showing activity but perhaps not growing as much as they could, give them a bit of personal attention and see how you can help. The best leaders are encouragers. It’s great to have regular communications with your people via newsletters and such, but a personal word of encouragement (a phone call) to those who are obviously making the effort goes a LONG way.

Daily Actions for Network Marketing Success

Finally, let’s consider some of the actions you need to do every day to help ensure network marketing success and prosperity. These are very simple things, and might seem really obvious, but I’ve always been surprised how many people neglect them.

I had a conversation recently with a downline team member who was unhappy because he wasn’t making any money. I went through this brief checklist with him, and I think you’ll see right away what the problem was.

How many people did you tell about your opportunity today? (his response was zero)
How about in the last week? (one…no network marketing success possible here)
Are you using your products yourself (he hadn’t ordered any lately)
Have you been on the team training call on Monday evenings? (only once a few weeks ago)

At that point there was no reason to keep asking questions…I just told the guy he needed to revisit his reasons for starting his business and see if the motivation is really there. Little action equals tiny results, lots of action equals big results over time!

So, every day, do something to build your business. Talk to prospects and potential customers every day (keep track of this because it’s easy to slip). Use your own products regularly. If your products are things like training or motivational materials, listen to them daily.

Don’t neglect team training. The calls, webinars, and other communications from your upline leaders are there to encourage you. The purpose is to help you build new skills and stay motivated to enjoy greater success in your business. It’s easier to develop a habit of NOT participating in these events than it is to be there. Set your intention to just do it. I believe you will see an amazing difference in how quickly your business grows.

Form the habit of consistent daily action and communicating with prospects, and your network marketing success will skyrocket! No other business offers the lifetime income potential and financial freedom, for as little cost up front, as this.


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  1. This tips for being a good marketer is great. I find it useful to me. Since marketing is not just a money making system it is also a good way to make a good connection to other people.

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