Want Some Shortcuts to Success in Your Network Marketing Business?

looking for shortcuts to network marketing prosperityBuilding a profitable and long lasting network marketing business takes work. Are you looking for some shortcuts to success that will help you build your business faster and more efficiently?

If you are, I have a few things to share that will help you. These were highlighted on one of our upline team calls not long ago, and are truly some of the shortcuts to success in MLM that you might be looking for.

Virtually everyone building a network marketing business is looking for a shortcut to success. Some sort of magic method, technique, traffic magnet to their opportunity page, etc. I have something exciting to reveal – there ARE shortcuts to success in network marketing, but definitely not what most marketers are thinking.

A powerful and effective shortcut to success in MLM is NOT:

1) some sort of automated sponsoring system that eliminates the need to talk to prospects

2) a mass marketing tool that promises to attract tons of prospects who will have credit card in hand ready to sign up

3) anything that promises zero to five figure income in a month or two

The truth is, the real shortcuts that work are the ones that many people think are the slow way to build a network marketing business.

Want to power up your business and build your dream business more quickly using shortcuts to success that work?

Network Marketing Business Shortcuts to Success

1) Spend most of your time talking to prospects in person or by phone. Using the Internet as a marketing tool is great, and very effective, but focus on bringing your leads and prospects offline and connect with them directly as often as possible.

2) Understand that email communication is much less effective today than ever before. When email technology was in its infancy, it was a novelty and people paid closer attention to it. Today, with all the spam problems and general information overload, email communications are much less likely to be carefully read and considered. Bottom line – continue to use email but don’t rely on it as your primary communication with prospects if there is opportunity to call them or speak in person.

3) If you are using Facebook and other social networking tools for prospecting, be careful how you spend your time. Just chit chatting and random posting can consume hours each day before you know it. Put the focus here on establishing connections with specific individuals, rather than just “putting stuff out there” all the time hoping to attract attention.

4) Everyone needs “down time” away from the grind but try to spend that time reading positive, uplifting books or listening to educational and motivational audios or videos. It’s very tempting to settle in to watch TV, and while that can be enjoyable and relaxing, it can quickly fill your available business building time and slow your success. Finding success in a network marketing business is a process that requires not only time and effort, but education and mental preparation as well. Spend more time feeding your mind with the positive, uplifting stuff and your business will benefit.

5) Set daily goals for how many people you will talk to about your business. Make it a point to connect with someone “live” every day. Just building this habit can do wonders for you. It’s really easy to go for days at a time without talking to a prospect live, all the while thinking that other things you are doing will build your income somehow. Watch out for that trap.

As a final note, after reading this, you might wonder why I call these “shortcuts to success” in a network marketing business. After all, these are some of the same things you hear in many MLM training courses and seminars. So why are they shortcuts?

Here is the secret…they are shortcuts because they are what most people do not do. It is always very tempting to find a fast lane to success, and especially these days when you can go online and find all sorts of tools and systems that promise you more leads, more signups, etc. So, many networkers get caught up in trying to find the right combination of tools and systems to accelerate their business and put it on the fast track. Problem is, most of these things are not effective. Had the same time (and money) been spent on actually doing live prospecting and talking to people, success in sponsoring and building a downline time would likely have come much more quickly.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your post. Very well said also.

    Network Marketing is about focus and endurance.


  2. Eldon,

    Your shortcuts to success truly are the shortcuts. They are the quickest and most efficient way to build not only a network marketing business but any business, online or offline. When I have created teleseminars and webinars, the people who attended and those who purchased were more often than not individuals who have had direct contact with me either in person or on the phone or skype. Rarely do people just go after some stranger’s product or service; more often it is either recommended by someone they know and respect or they have had direct contact with the seller.


    Dr. Erica

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks Dr. Erica, often the perceived “hard and slow way” is the fastest way. I’ve seen too many people try all sorts of unproven shortcuts to success, and they usually end up chasing things that don’t really work until they get tired and give up.

  4. That’s a very helpful tips on MLM! Well Network Marketing is a means of understanding and doing the the right decision. In business we started at a slow process we should not rely on thinking on speeding up things on marketing. Working hard, thinking the facts and analyzing any problem and doing its conclusion. Patients is the key to success.

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