What You Must Have to Enjoy Network Marketing Success

find network marketing successTo achieve network marketing success, there are some things that must be right before everything starts to fall in place.

Some of the main keys to success are obvious – great products, rewarding compensation plan, an energetic upline team ready to help, and a proven system for success you can follow are big parts of the equation.

Some other things you should have include a good attitude, a willingness to work and put in the time, a well-defined set of goals, and the absolute desire to achieve them. All of these are pretty obvious, you hear this stuff all the time.

There is another key to network marketing success, one thing you MUST have if all of the above are going to work. This is the one thing you must examine and dig deep inside yourself to make sure it’s right. Otherwise, it’s like a ticking time bomb that will sabotage you before you know it.

I was speaking with a downline team member recently. This man (I’ll call him Brad) is diligently working to build his network marketing business online, and he is also (wisely) working in his local market as well. He loves our product and has an overall good attitude. However, he experiences a problem that is pretty common, and this illustrates that one key to success I’m talking about, that you must have in place.

When he invites people to view a video or a presentation about the business, the conversation sometime takes this turn.

Brad: Joe, are you open to a way you can make extra income from home if it doesn’t interfere with what you’re doing now?

Joe: Sure, what is it?

Brad: I can’t do it justice in the short time we have now, watch this video and I’ll get back with you tonight.

Joe: Is this one of those multilevel marketing deals?

At this point, Brad’s heart sinks, because he immediately feels he’s lost this prospect. He doesn’t know why Joe is asking the question (Joe might be hoping it’s network marketing because he likes it) but Brad just assumes the worst.

The one thing you must have in place, for true network marketing success, is an unshakeable belief that network marketing is a legitimate and profitable business model that offers huge opportunity.  You must believe it works. You must believe in your heart that it isn’t a pyramid scheme. You must believe you are offering value and opportunity that is big for your prospect, if they will take it.

I’ve seen many people over the years get started in MLM, fire out the gate with great enthusiasm, but come to a grinding halt when they get hit with the “pyramid” or “scam” thing. Truth is, if you prospect enough, you’ll hear these slams and objections many times. Do you believe deep down that they might really be true? Do you feel embarrassed to use the “MLM” or “network marketing” word? Do you try to define it in other fancy terms, such as “consumer direct marketing” or some such thing?

Get your belief in this business straight in your mind. Overcome your fear of people calling it a pyramid, scam, sucker trap, or whatever. Be proud of what you have. This is the first key to network marketing success that you must have.

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  1. Well written article Eldon … it’s really amazing how many different euphesims people can come up with to use instead of network marketing, MLM, direct sales or even selling for that matter. Interestingly enough, with all the training out there on how to prospect, I’ve never seen any training that includes specific examples of what to say when someone gets the kind of response you outlined above. I think that would be helpful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks Marquita, I think it’s pretty hard to train exactly how to answer the response I used as an example, but I believe that when you have full confidence in network marketing as a business model, it becomes no big deal to answer questions like that. If telling someone it’s MLM turns them away, move on to other prospects. Some people try to convert MLM skeptics who want to debate about it, and frankly that’s a waste of time. I emphasize “debate”, as opposed to “discuss”. Big attitude difference there.

  3. Eldon,
    You have certainly touched upon what is probably the most important quality and rarely talked about. I have personally experienced this whenever I have gotten involved with an MLM company. As soon as someone asked that dreaded question, I felt I was sunk. I rarely had a good answer to respond with. Now I realize it is because my true goal is to create and market my own information products rather than to focus on someone else’s products, no matter how good they are. So, it is essential to know yourself, your own needs and your own beliefs. If your belief is strong and you KNOW the product is good and that the business potential is huge, then success is just around the corner.


    • Eldon Beard says:

      It IS the belief that makes or breaks many. It’s pretty easy to think you believe, but when it’s on the line, you find otherwise. If you don’t believe 100% in your product and opportunity, it shows when you talk to people and turns them away.

  4. Good list of what’s needed for internet marketing! I think I’d add a commitment to a long-term “thing.” There is no “get rich quick” plan. It’s hard work and persistence and patience!

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Pastor Sherry, I agree that a long-term commitment is part of the success equation. Smart hard work + persistence + patience….that’s a good summary of it.

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