Where Does Network Marketing Success Begin?

the critical factor for network marketing successWhere do you feel that network marketing success, or achieving your potential in any home business, really begins?

I believe that no matter how much talent and skill you have, your potential for developing a successful and profitable home business begins in your mind. Your mindset dictates much of what you will experience as you pursue your dreams.

I know sometime people doubt that or take it wrong.

Do you believe that your thoughts and mental attitude are powerful enough to actually negate any natural talent or potential you have and cause you to fail in your business?

I’m a firm believer that the quality of what you put into your mind, and how you choose to respond to life events, will affect you in all areas. Having a hopeful and positive mindset is critical not just for business success, but also for life in general. I have known people who are sharp, intelligent, and have all the tools to be successful in network marketing or anything else except one thing – an uplifting and hopeful success-driven mindset.

That one thing, their thinking, holds them back and limits them in so many ways. It’s sad to see.

We all have down days, when things just don’t seem to go well. We all have stresses in our lives, and things that can really bring us down if we let them.

Let’s talk about three things you can do to build and maintain a positive mindset daily, and keep yourself on the track to success in life and your home business!

1) Start each day by being grateful for what you already have. Some people, sadly, wake up in the morning all depressed because of what they don’t have. They don’t have enough money, enough time, enough energy, you know how that can be. If you are grateful and give thanks for what you DO have, you will attract more good things to you. It just happens.

2) Visualize yourself each day as a success in your home business, already. Even if you have just started, or even if you have been working a business for a couple years without much success, adjust your attitude and visualize yourself as a winner who already has what they want.

Do you want more prospects for your network marketing business?  I bet you’ve been through courses, webinars, or training that taught you how to prospect, and maybe you’ve put off doing these things because you feel you’re not talented enough or outgoing enough, etc.

Visualize yourself as a powerful recruiter, make your self talk about being one of the best prospectors in your company, then do the things you know to do to make it happen!

I’m not saying that just “being positive” will instantly solve ALL your issues, but thinking straight and in line with who you want to be sets the stage for development to happen in your life and business. It somehow causes circumstances to appear that can drive your business forward. Your attitude is the foundation for all these good things to happen.

3) Remember that you will encounter a wide variety of people in your business and day to day life, and many of them will have different opinions and ideas from yours. Learn not to be insulted or offended if someone tells you that your network marketing business is a scam, for example. Just understand that you have a different opinion, and move on.

You’re probably fired up about your home business opportunity and honestly can’t understand why almost everyone else wouldn’t be, too. You may yearn for financial freedom and independence and be put off by people who seem content to keep the same job doing the same thing over and over for years and years and years.

If you can accept the fact that many people you meet will NOT be just like you and refuse to let it affect you negatively, you have one of the strongest building blocks of a powerful and positive mindset! Know that your goal is to find like minded people who want to make a better life for themselves, just as you do. Know that they are out there waiting for you!

Folks, success in network marketing or any home business you choose really does begin in your mind. Work hard each day to bring in the positive and kick out the negative, and your life and fortunes will change dramatically.


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  1. Great post Eldon. Your mindset is very important when working a Network Mark3ting Business. Keeping your WHY in the front of your mind and doing all the great tips above, are crucial. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Eldon, another great insightful article. You are in the area where I coach daily for over 30 years now and growing. Beginning with getting your thoughts together is the first start in business development.

    Yet, first find a quiet place where you can master self-control of your body and thoughts. Sit in a chair and keep still with thinking only on the beginning of your business. That is building a solid foundation first. You will get better with your vision being stronger each new day.

    Think about it as planning your next day. You write your to do list and visualize each step to the end result. It is no different with making your vision a reality with no limits to your thinking. Knowing you have the power to shape each new day and all the outcomes in your life. Why not visualize with the best of everything. Do not worry about how to get things done. Just focus on thinking about the whole picture. Think of making your movie and you have unlimited budget. That is better to visualize.

    Every day will have a clearer view of this movie your control. So the sky is the limit per say. It works every time knowing nothing nor anyone has control over the end result except you.

    Eldon, thank you for having the insight bringing amazing subjects for us to get involved in making it clear to me and other readers. You are remarkable and a great coach.

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Thanks William 🙂

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