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manage your time and watch your mlm network marketing business growThere are many excellent resources available to help you manage your time, get tasks done more efficiently, and in general make things run more smoothly in general for your network marketing home business.

There is something important to keep in mind, though. Regardless of what tools or methods you use to manage your available time, here are two things to consider that are critical to your success in network marketing.

  • it is way too easy to get distracted and spend time on activities that are non-productive for your business
  • in network marketing, you make money by sharing your business with prospects and supporting the efforts of your downline

If you are building your network marketing business online, there are a number of things you will want to schedule time for. These can include:

  • creating a website or blog as your “home base” where prospects will learn more about you and what you can offer
  • studying and applying the training provided by your company and upline group
  • working on making friends and attracting prospects using social networking sites like Facebook

All of these things are important, and together help form your strategy for connecting with prospects and enrolling new distributors into your business. The key to the whole thing, though, is making sure you don’t spend too much time on things that are really not productive for building your network.

I know, from my own experience, how easy it is to fall victim to “overplanning” and “overpreparation” for success in your network marketing business. Be careful not to become a perfectionist, always wanting everything to be just right, before taking action.

Looking back at the hundreds of new associates I have sponsored over the last few years, there is one great truth that stands out. The people who have been most successful have taken the bull by the horns, so to speak, and jumped into action quickly. Some were talking to prospects even before they got their startup package from the company.

Others received their package, and started planning and thinking about how and when they would get started, but never really took action. This is what I mean about not being a perfectionist, just jump in and do things.

You do need to learn about your product and study training materials that are provided, just don’t let this take weeks to do. Don’t feel you need to know everything before you get started. Use presentation tools (online and offline) to do most of the work, just spend your time getting your opportunity in front of people.

Taking action quickly is a big indicator for success, in my experience, and getting eyes on your network marketing opportunity is the key. Manage your time so that most of it is spent making contacts and presenting your opportunity.

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  1. Time management is really very important. It doesn’t matter if your working, students or a parents. What’s important is you know how to manage your time and how equally divide your schedule depending on its priority.

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