Overwhelmed With MLM Network Marketing Training?

mlm network marketing training in actionIt’s easy to find tons of excellent MLM network marketing training articles and courses. There is enough out there to keep you busy reading and studying for months. All this, as well as training and coaching provided by your successful upline mentors.

This can amount to serious information overload and paralysis by analysis. I’ve seen some people I’ve sponsored come into the business very excited and full of enthusiasm. They decide they want to be successful and make money, and want to do everything they can to make that happen.

So, they start seeking and studying all the MLM network marketing training tips they can get their hands on. They go online and search for the best ways to build a powerful business. They scour the shelves in brick & mortar bookstores looking for anything that might help. I admire this passion and enthusiasm for taking action and making things happen. But, there is a problem.

What happens is that doing all this studying, learning, and preparing takes up a lot of time. Some training articles will suggest tools or resources that sound like a must have, so they go check all that out. After a couple months of this, the new distributor feels like they’ve done a lot but in reality they haven’t really begun their business. They’ve spent all this time laying a foundation and preparing for success, overwhelmed with trying to get their approach together, only to realize that their business isn’t magically growing for some reason.

It’s that feeling that you must lay the foundations for your business, get all your tools into place, study and learn everything you can, all this before you can really start prospecting. After you’ve done this for a time, and achieved very little and made no money, discouragement can set in and you think about giving up. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

A cure for MLM network marketing training overload is to take simple, basic, fundamental action that will get some people sponsored and some income coming in as soon as possible. This will help motivate and fire you up more than anything else.

  • firm up your goals for your business and write them down
  • make sure your “why” is powerful and drives you emotionally
  • study and implement the strategies taught by your successful upline team

Don’t go crazy looking all over for additional training and motivation. You’ll learn over time – the first steps need to be simple and fundamental in nature. Your upline team will help you with this and show you what to do.

Learn by doing, keep it simple, and don’t feel you need to know everything. Just get started actually connecting with prospects. As you begin to find success, gradually absorb additional training and coaching, and always be a student. You won’t learn it all, ever, so always be open to improvement.

MLM network marketing training will help you – but don’t let it paralyze and overwhelm you. Take it a dose at a time, and a simple step at a time.

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  1. This is exactly what happened to me. I got overwhelmed by tons of information about seo, smo, rss, etc. and eventually I ended up doing everything but seeing little results. Thanks for this Article man

    Greetings from Mexico

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hey Javier, you’re welcome! The same thing I described (information overload) happened to me at one time too, which is why I tend to talk a lot about it. I know how much it can slow you down and actually kill your business.

  2. Great advice as always Eldon. I think this applies to many things, including growing a online business. There is a sea of “experts” out there eager to tell new entrepreneurs how to succeed with a online business and it is so easy to become stalled in overload mode and I (also) did in the beginning. I think one thing that is really helpful is to have a good sense of how you learn – I used to ask my new representatives this question all the time. Some people need to be pointed in the right direction and left alone – just knowing they can reach out to you if / when they need help, while others need more hand holding. If we’re honest with ourselves about this, we can avoid a lot of headaches.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Good point Marquita, some people do best if pointed in the right direction and left to go after it. They will often be future leaders on your team. Others do need a little more guidance and help getting everything rolling. We need to be aware of this and work with each new team member in whatever way works best for them.

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