Relationships – The True FAST TRACK to Massive Income!

building relationships for business successI want to share what I received in an email from Joel Therien today. Joel is the founder of Pure Leverage, and a very accomplished entrepreneur and online marketer.

I know a lot of times, people want to make big money online just hiding behind their computer during the wee hours of the night, posting ads and such. While there is a place for this, it doesn’t often bring the big consistent income that is hoped for.

Let’s let Joel take it away…..

If you are serious about generating income and freedom please read all of this email..

It teaches you the biggest lesson I ever learned in business!

I know I have said this before, and I will say it again, only because it still surprises me every time I think about it.

Wealth is a formula..

The three key ingredients to this formula is.

>> Persistence and passion
>> Education
>> Relationships

Let’s look at each of them individually for a moment. You are saying to yourself.. “but Joel I have the passion” ..

I am working my butt off and I don’t see any money?

Sadly, I have seen so many people take all their energy, passion and go down a path to absolute and certain failure!

As a concrete example for me, and for most unless you are a mechanic.

Imagine you have every piece of an auto mobile transmission sitting in front of you and you have one day to get it put back together.

If you get it done, you win a million dollars!

Now… for a million bucks.. any of us would be very passionate about getting it back together..

The problem is, you are not allowed to talk to anyone.. you have no education and no relationships on the subject..

See what I mean.. you can have passion, but without education or a mechanic to call, you are doomed for failure..

Your online business is exactly the same EXACTLY..

You are marketing on facebook, you are posting on forums..

You might even be buying some solo ads.. its just not working…

Now lets go back to your transmission job…

This time, you are a transmission specialist, but this time in order to get the million dollars, you need to fix 10 transmissions in one day..

You have the passion..
You have the education..

Yet, no matter what you  are doomed for failure again. All the other mechanics in your area are your competition..

You don’t have any relationships!!!

Relationships is the true FAST TRACK to easy and massive income!

I get it I get it.. those other mechanics even if you don’t know them you can call them and share in the revenue..

Ok you got it done.. but now you are taking home maybe 100k (not bad) but it is a lot less than 1 000 000 right?

You see, the mechanics expect to get paid..

In business, when you build real relationships and share knowledge those “true business friends” will do things for you without expectation!

Again.. Relationships is the true FAST TRACK to easy and massive income!

Now lets bring this online..

You will NEVER get rich when you don’t put yourself out there..
You will NEVER get rich when no one knows who you are!

YOU need to get to know people, and people need to get to know you!

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