Some Interesting Things to Post on Facebook

interesting things to post on facebookAre you looking for some interesting things to post on Facebook? If you are using Facebook to network and help find potential business partners, you definitely want to get some attention!

Engaging your Facebook friends and building mutually beneficial relationships begins with providing interesting content that reflects you and your philosophies, as well as glimpses into your everyday life.

Facebook is an incredible marketing tool when used properly. With one billion plus users worldwide, the potential for reaching large numbers of people who might be interested in your products or services is awesome.

It all begins with building relationships though….and always remember when friending people on Facebook that they are real people just like you. Have your mindset right. Many of the people you friend will not be interested in your business. Don’t think of your mission as just prospecting and qualifying, but rather think of it as expanding your network and meeting a lot of new friends. You can benefit from building relationships with people on Facebook, even if they never join your business.

So building relationships is the key. But…have you asked yourself…what do I say or post in my status updates that will engage people and attract their attention?

Bear in mind is that online communities like Facebook reflect the traditional offline world. There are real people just like you behind those billion screens, and it’s important to remember that when you choose what to share in your status updates.

When looking for some interesting things to post on Facebook, here is a rule of thumb:

If you wouldn’t say it or share it offline, don’t do it on Facebook either. Think of it as entering a room full of people at a party, or dining out with friends. It’s interesting and you do it because you want to be around people and share some fun times together.

So how can you come up with interesting things to post on Facebook that get attention so that people comment, like, and share your stuff?

These six types of posts get attention when done properly:

  • Favorite Quotes
  • Interesting Questions
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Either/Or Questions
  • Trending Topics

Here are some thoughts and ideas for each of these.

Favorite Quotes

Think about how many quotes you see shared on Facebook each day. Notice that many of them get lots of likes, comments, and shares? This is because most people love quotes. People want to be inspired, motivated, moved, and uplifted and good quotes have a way of doing that.

Find favorite quotes that will appeal to your primary audience. Remember to add a short comment about why YOU like the quote, whenever possible, to give it more impact.

Interesting Questions

Posting thought provoking questions can engage your friends, because people love to give their opinion on things. Try to keep them short and make them fun.

Posts like this can attract more and more attention as people contribute. Most people like to read through what others have already said before they answer. Tip – participating in these types of updates that others post helps YOU get more exposure and awareness in the community. This is just what you want.

Tips and Tricks

There is almost a limitless supply of “tips and tricks” topics you can use to post interesting status updates.

What have you learned, read, or discovered recently about…

  • social media
  • weight loss tips
  • eating fast food
  • things to do on holidays
  • parenting tips
  • getting healthier
  • finding more time
  • saving money

And so on….think about things that people love to chat about when they are relaxing and having a good time.

Fill in the Blank

Another popular thing to get some discussions going…fill in the blank!

My favorite food is __________.

My favorite restaurant is __________.

I enjoy __________ when I have time away from work.

My trip to __________ was the most memorable time ever!

Either/Or Questions

Easy to do and always a great way to get some talk going!

Do you like a window or aisle seat when you fly? Do you like Fall or Spring better?

Keep these varied and diverse to engage more of your audience.

Trending Topics

Find popular trending topics and start discussion on them.

One way to get some ideas is to visit and look for the “Trending Now” topics.

Find topics that you think your audience will appreciate and have fun!

Summing it up….Facebook is an excellent place to find new friends and business partners. Focus on being genuinely interested in others and strive to build relationships with your network, even if they don’t join your business. Look for some interesting things to post on Facebook to engage your network. The rewards are immense if you do this consistently over time.

Did you get some value from this post? If you did, I would really appreciate you sharing it with others! And, your comments are welcome below!

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  1. Hi Eldon, I love sharing food pictures and find they get a lot of engagement when I do…although you have now given me much ‘food’ for thought!

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