Secrets to Overcoming Fear of Rejection

tips for defeating the awful fear of being rejected by othersJust posted by Doug Firebaugh on Facebook this afternoon…wanted to share…excellent insight into how to conquer that fear of rejection that most everyone feels at some point…

If you’re in a home business where you approach and interact with others, such as network marketing or direct sales, you’ve surely experienced this.

Anyway, Doug has some great tips here. Enjoy!

Don’t remember where I got this, don’t think i wrote it, but it is a Rocking Hot post on Conquering The Core of Rejection.

Whether it is a home business or a social media marketing campaign, these are GREAT Strategies and tactics to overcome Rejection.

Hope it helps!

The Secret to Conquering fear of rejection is Get to your CORE FEAR!

What causes fear of rejection? (Core Fears)

1) Not Being Approved of
2) Feeling of Being Abandoned Again
3) Doing something wrong – self conscious
4) Feeling inadequate Again
5) Reinforcement of Self Doubts
6) Previous life experiences of rejection
7) The emotions and mental pictures you have to deal with

What are the secrets to conquering rejection?

1) Redefine rejection
2) Redefine what you are doing.
3) See what result you want in your mind and FEEL the emotion
4) Make a list of what you will lose if they tell you NO.
5) Focus only on making a great conversation or a new friend
6) Don’t focus on results- but only on helping.
7) Call a friend or easy call first. –build your confidence
8) Read your “fan mail” and emails to build confidence
9) Don’t care what others think.

What to do:

1) See the phone or conversation as The SEPARATOR. – FOCUS on qualified REAL prospects – quit trying to be approved of because it is YOU who are in the position to approve of them as someone you want to work with.
2) You are not in charge in results, but helping people. – REALTY
3) See EXACTLY what you want to happen in your kind. – SEE
4) Declare what you are in business for and are going to do. DECLARE
5) DIAL the number to serve the prospect – DIAL to SERVE
6) Celebrate the completed effort, not the result- you are not in charge of those.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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  1. Hi Eldon,
    Fears seem to be a very common factor for all of us. Actually, when you think about it, fears do manage to tell us how to behave and what to do – or not to do.
    A great help to get rid of fears of any kind, is Tapping (EFT). Of course the things on this post all do help, but sometimes it’s not easy just to tell youself not to fear… To do the same with Tapping – it’s a whole different story ! I recommend anybody with a fear to try it. I am here to help if I’m needed.

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