Why Are Successful Home Businesses…Successful?

successful home businessesHow many people who choose an opportunity today and get something going will have successful home businesses one year from now?

From statistics I’ve seen, and personal observation, I’m afraid the percentage won’t be very high. It’s not that those who start a business and fail can’t have success, it’s the things they do that make the difference.

Are the successful home business owners smarter? More gifted? More highly educated? Lucky? Did they inherit a knack for creating wealth?

Not really. It usuallyy isn’t any of these things. In fact, the key to all of this (as I see it) is really something you have total control over, and that’s a good thing!

It begins with the choices you make. I know that sounds very blah and simplistic, but have you really stopped to think about it? Your choices about what to do for your business every day are reflected in your results. Successful home businesses are created and guided by choices that are made every day.

The right choices every day add up and compound to produce success over time. You have to be patient. You can do the right things every day for 3 weeks and perhaps not seem to be making any progress. But your actions compound…every day…

Please let this sink in…your actions compound…every day…and add up over time. Hard work you do today may not pay off for weeks. That’s just the nature of business. Specific things you do today compounded with work you did over the last month may combine to produce a big win for you tomorrow. You never know.

Successful Home Businesses – The Smart Choices

Smart choices are often about things that are really easy to do, but at the same time not easy to get done. Why is that? I think in part because they seem so simple, we might tend to think they really aren’t that important. It’s really easy to procrastinate on important daily actions, when you don’t realize how much they add up.

Also not always understood is the principle that doing five daily actions every day Monday through Friday is almost always better than doing 25 actions all on Saturday. That just seems to be how it works for most things. Steady consistent action wins out over bursts of activity that are followed by longer periods of inactivity.

Hopefully you are working with a coach or mentor who is helping you and others understand the most important action steps for building successful home businesses with your particular opportunity. Most of the time, the simple little choices are what matter most…

Choosing to make those 5 phone calls to prospects every day…even when you don’t feel like it.

Choosing to get involved on team conference calls even when the day and time is inconvenient for you.

Choosing to study some of that course you bought that will help you be a better online marketer.

Choosing to answer some email inquiries you received, even if you are tired and want to put it off until tomorrow.

Successful home businesses are created by doing the right things every day, even when you would prefer to procrastinate on some of it. Doing the right things, every day, consistently, is the key.

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  1. Hello Mr. Eldon,

    This is a post that shows harmony and equilibrium. Success is hidden in the little things that you do every day. They add up and create the foundation that will allow you to reach heights.

    This means that talent, knowledge, resources, connection etc. no matter how important they are, do not represent the real key to success. The real key factor is consistence and perseverance.

    I like very much this way of thinking.

    Have a wonderful day

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