How to Have a Successful Home Business

successful and profitable home businessIs your network marketing or direct sales opportunity turning out to be the successful home business you had hoped?

There are many factors that work together to create a profitable home based business. There is an abundance of excellent training and many resources available to you. Much is free for the taking, others require an investment.

Regardless of what resources you take advantage of, though, there are basic fundamentals that form the foundation that all success training is built on.

Here are a few basic fundamentals for building a profitable and successful home business.

Sharpen Your Focus – pick one network marketing or direct sales opportunity and stick with it. I see too many people get involved with an opportunity, start working it, and jump to something else before what they are doing has a chance to produce good results. The proverbial grass on the other side of the fence almost always looks greener – don’t buy it. Find a reputable opportunity you like and put on the blinders.

Be Cool and Composed – network marketing and direct sales opportunities revolve around people, and building relationships with people. Unfortunately, sometime people will disappoint. You’ll sponsor someone who seems to be a real go getter. They talk positive and seem ready to take on the world. Then they quit and disappear six months later. Things like this will happen. Don’t let it get to you. Keep moving forward and focus on helping those who “want it” badly enough to take consistent action.

Put Your Effort Where the Money Is – you can’t have a successful home business if you don’t spend your time doing the things that make money for you. What makes money for you? Product sales. Whether it’s personal consumption or products sold at retail, money is only made when products move. Spend your most productive hours (days and evenings) introducing your opportunity and products to others, as well as supporting your existing team. Planning, preparation, and scheduling should be done during times when you can’t work directly with prospects, whenever possible.

Follow the Leaders – unless you’re already earning the income of your dreams, don’t try to be a trailblazer and do things that are not consistent with proven success principles. Observe the people in your upline and company who are making the money and living the lifestyle you desire. What are they doing? What are they teaching? Follow the leader and duplicate their success!

Master the Skills That Matter – because network marketing & direct sales involves primarily working with people, it’s critical to master people skills. Relationship marketing, presentation skills, learning how to listen, things like this are what matters. Set aside time to invest in yourself – YOU are the best investment you can make in your business. Seriously.

Challenge Yourself – everyone seeking to build a successful home business has a “zone” they work in that feels good to them. Realistically, though, your best success will only come when you challenge yourself to do things that aren’t comfortable and may even be a bit stressful (at first). If you find it hard to pick up the phone and call one prospect each day, throw down the gauntlet and challenge yourself to call two prospects each day.

These foundations and fundamentals will help you build your profitable and successful home business!


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  1. Joan Ridley says:

    “Sharpen Your Focus – pick one network marketing or direct sales opportunity and stick with it. I see too many people get involved with an opportunity, start working it, and jump to something else before what they are doing has a chance to produce good results.” Eldon, you are so right about that! I see people abandon an opportunity before they even try to work it, not even completing the training. I imagine some of it is “buyer’s remorse” and I believe some of it is that some of the folks who abandon an opportunity are not suited to working for themselves from home, requiring external input into their work day. Having the right perspective on owning your own business is not awlays shared by the spouse.

    Di as Eldon recommends: do your homework on the opportunity for the best match for you. Be commited to the buisness for a minimum of 6 months, and hold on for the ride!

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Joan, success in a home business requires being a self starter, and as you mention, some people need the external prompting and structure of the traditional work environment. There has to be a mental shift from “workplace” to “home business owner” before much success is possible.

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