What if Your Spouse is Negative About Your Home Business?

couple discussing home based businessBuilding a profitable home business is a serious undertaking, and the potential rewards are significant. Your business can be in network marketing, affiliate sales, direct sales, or a service you provide such as writing articles or website design.

One thing common to all home business efforts – an investment of time and energy. This can be quite challenging, especially if you are building your business on the side while working a full-time job and taking care of your family.

A good question I hear from time to time: “what if my spouse is negative and not supportive of my business“? The answer to this is not always easy. I have a friend who started a network marketing business, who told me he had this problem during his first few months in business.

Jack was building his business with the expectation of improving his family’s financial situation as well as having more time to spend with them. He had discussed it with his wife before signing up, and they seemed to be in agreement that this would be a good move for the family. It was understood that Jack would do most of the contacting and talking to prospects, so he launched the business and started working it hard.

However, his wife was not happy with the situation and often made negative and downright critical remarks about it.

Jack realized that the business would suffer (not to mention their relationship) if this continued, so he decided the best thing to do was talk and work through it. It was a big step for him and not easy to do, but it turned out well.

His wife felt that Jack was spending way too much time working the business, and neglecting her and the kids. He would go into a back bedroom and work for hours at a time each evening, often coming out only briefly to eat. To help address this problem, Jack came up with a different plan where he would be more free during the evening hours when everyone was home.

His plan involved identifying the most productive things he could do to build his network marketing business. This is a big topic in itself. He realized that he was using some of his time unwisely on non-productive activities, and cut those out and focused on the basics. This gave everyone more time together, and helped eliminate the resentment.

If you have the “negative spouse” issue with your home business, the best solution I know is to sit down and find out why the issues are REALLY there. Then try to work them out. You need to do this. It is hard to be successful when your spouse is not supportive of your efforts.

Building a profitable home business takes focus and dedication. There is no room for friction in the family. Everyone needs to be on the same page and supporting each other.

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