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hit the go button, get started with your home business todayHave you ever known someone who planned to start building a home based network marketing or direct sales business, but just seemed determined to have “everything in place” before taking action? Perhaps you’re experiencing this. I know I’ve been there and felt that way.

Starting a home business is fun, but challenging. Signing up is exciting. The potential for achieving your dreams is right in front of you. Problem is, sometime you might hold back really doing anything (prospecting) until you feel you “know enough” or have all the “tools” you need in place.

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. You will never have everything you think you need. You take the tools and resources you have now do something with them. You can always learn more and pick up additional resources to help you build your business as you go along. Oddly enough, the people who just jump in and move forward right away are the ones who typically end up being successful and enjoy making money in network marketing, MLM, and direct sales.

What about after you’ve taken those first steps and have things rolling along?

As you go along building your home business, you will at some point feel discouraged. All of us will face obstacles, disappointments, and occasional frustration in our lives and in our businesses.

We don’t have the ability to control many of the challenges that are thrown in our path. We can, however, choose how we will respond to those challenges and what action we will take to get past them and firmly back on the road to success.

Should we allow setbacks and strong challenges get us down and make us give up? No way. Should we stay positive and turn negative experiences into learning situations that will help us grow? Definitely.

Owning and operating any home based business is a lot different from traditional employment. In business, you’ll be making the decisions and the tough calls that a boss would typically make. This may be a totally different experience for you, but it’s important to be prepared. Remember, you ARE the boss and you’ll face some things in business that will stretch and challenge you. Don’t let anything get you down – face it head on and work through it. Always keep your eyes on your vision, your goals, your reasons for starting your business in the first place.

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  1. Eldon,

    Great post…

    And I can painfully relate to having“everything in place” before taking action. It must be the #1 reason why so few find success in the home based business industry.

    The best advise I ever got was “your don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”

    Keep cranking out the compelling content

  2. Eldon Beard says:

    Hi Jesse,

    Yes, “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going” makes a ton of sense. I’ve been in that position more than I care to remember, and have learned that over-planning and over-preparation are typically signs of a lack of confidence. Best thing is to just dive in and and learn as you go, while understanding that “learning on the job” so to speak might be painful, but it’s in most cases the best way to do it.

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