When Do You Let a Prospect Go?

avoid prospects who just want to argue and debateAlthough anyone hates to lose someone who has shown an interest in their network marketing business, there are times when it just isn’t practical to continue spending time with certain prospects.

Our job, as successful network marketers, is to attract and work with people who are open minded and able to see the possibilities our business can offer them. We want prospects who are truly interested in exploring our opportunity and deciding whether we could work well together as a team.

Some of your prospects may seem to be very biased against network marketing and MLM, and immediately lose interest. Others seem to persist in asking questions and debating about things.

For example, I have a prospect that emails every so often after he gets one of our automatic follow up messages. Typically, it will be a negative reaction to something positive in the message.

If the message says…

Joe came in with little background in network marketing, but was able to begin earning a full-time income within two years.

This prospect will counter with…

Sure, sounds good, but what about all the people who came in, spent $$$ and lost money??

At one time, I would reply to this guy and offer my best and most positive response, explaining that while not everyone makes money in network marketing, and some lose money, the potential is there for someone with the right drive, attitude, and training. That sort of thing.

Finally, after going through this cycle a few times, I decided I was wasting my time. What I learned through experience is that some people with a very sour attitude toward network marketing and MLM in general get enjoyment from countering anything you say that’s positive and hopeful with something negative. They seem to enjoy debate and argument. I’m not sure all the psychological reasons for this, but it’s reality.

So, in general, never give up on a prospect who seems to want to learn more and weigh their options. When a prospect is totally negative and obviously wanting just to argue and debate, it’s best to move on and wish them the best.

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