When to Think Twice and Move On From a Home Business Opportunity

7 reasons to think twice and run away from a home business opportunityBuilding a successful home business is fun as well as challenging. However, there are so many scams and slick operators out there just ready to take your money and lead you down the wrong path, it is mind boggling.

Some things seem pretty questionable at first, but people are taught that they must do certain things so that a “system” will work.

That said, here are seven things to make you think twice and move on, should you encounter any of them while investigating the possibilities of starting a particular home business.

  • If you are taught to approach successful looking people at Barnes & Noble or Starbucks and ask them if they “keep their options open”, move on!
  • If someone asks you create and share with them a list of all your friends and acquaintances, move on!
  • If you are coached to keep your mouth shut about your business and just let a DVD or booklet do all the work, move on!
  • If you are told that there is only one way to success in a business, and that they have THE system you need to plug into, move on!
  • If you are taught to ask people for their business card on pretense of doing business with them later, but with real intent of turning them into “hot leads” and hitting them up soon, move on!
  • If you are told that all you have to do is sign up and pay some money, and someone else will build your business for you, move on!
  • If you are promised fast, easy results with anything – making money, getting healthy, losing weight – move on!

Remember, building a successful home business requires integrity and a commitment to building genuine, sincere relationships with people. The “old school” ways that include being phony and pretending to be someone you’re not never worked well, and in today’s world, they are less effective than ever.

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