Why You Should Promote YOU, Not Your Network Marketing Business

brand yourself, not your network marketing businessAs the Internet continues to grow, and more and more people begin launching home based businesses, it is more important than ever to take the focus off your network marketing business.

Wait, that sounds strange, doesn’t it? Take the focus OFF your network marketing business?

Why would you want to do that? Isn’t your business where the money is made, the freedom achieved?

What does that mean?

There are two things to consider here.

First, if you involved in network marketing, and you’re putting all the focus on your opportunity, what happens to your business (and income) if the company goes out of business? What happens if the company decides to place serious restrictions on your ability to advertise and promote the opportunity by name?

Even if your company is very stable, and unlikely to go out of business, consider the constantly changing Internet environment. Because of potential legal ramifications and the possibility of over-zealous distributors making claims that can seriously damage a company’s reputation, more and more network marketing companies are seriously clamping down and restricting what can be said and how you can market, especially online.

The result – if you are building your business around methods that emphasize the company and opportunity, you could be in trouble at some point.

Second, nobody really wants to start a network marketing business. What they want is to find a solution to a problem or enhance their life somehow (by increasing income, freedom, things like that). The business can be the vehicle to make their dreams come true, but they need leadership and support along the way to make it happen. They want someone who can help them and who knows what they are doing.

That someone is you.

So, to avoid all these potential problems with MLM company shutdowns and restrictions, and to attract people looking for what you have to offer, you should promote yourself as “YOU, network marketing and home based business leader and mentor”. That way, you can do your own thing and show your unique personality and style.

You can build a business and brand (YOU) that transcends network marketing companies and gives you something of special value that can’t be taken away easily. When YOU are your business, your brand, you have more control of your future and can rest easier without having to worry about having your entire future in the hands of one network marketing company.

It is very liberating, and many network marketers are starting to take advantage of this and make the move toward building their own personal brand and business.

Think about this – the time is right!

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