Would You Start a Network Marketing Business Knowing This?

what is realistically required to achieve success in network marketing?We hear so much about hype and “overselling the dream” in network marketing. When discussing your business with a prospect, you certainly want to present a positive view of the opportunity, and emphasize the possibilities.

How much, though, do you want to talk about the requirements for attaining the possibilities?

If you were considering a network marketing business, and someone trying to sponsor you told you the following up front, would you still be interested?

For the next 3-5 years your mission is to create and grow your network, work hard on your business every day, sharpen your speaking and communication skills, fall and get back up over and over, and in general leave your comfort zone far behind. You’ll be taking one small step toward ultimate success at a time, and it will be painful at times, but you can do it!

I doubt you’ve ever heard anything like that at a business opportunity presentation. Many people, hearing this, would walk away and search for something that sounded easier. It’s human nature. Nobody really wants to hear about the work and the effort, they want to hear about the benefits and rewards of a network marketing home business. Who doesn’t?

In the end, though, achievers realize that the above statement is reality. It might not take 3-5 years to reach your goals, but however long it takes, it will require work and diligent effort. There is simply no shortcut to success in a network marketing business, unless you happen to inherit a business already built and running on autopilot.

How then should network marketers go about giving a presentation that is the right blend of optimism and reality? I think it’s best to share the possibilities and the great things that can be achieved, while at the same time making it clear the level of effort required to make a success of the business.

I don’t think you want to come out and tell a prospect “you’ll have to work your tail off and sacrifice a ton for three years to make this happen”, but at the same time you need to paint a realistic picture that doesn’t sound dreary. Remember, this business should be fun to build. Working hard and doing the right things to build a network marketing business should be enjoyable.

You can “work your tail off” doing things that are fun and productive. Of course, there will always be a few things in the mix you won’t enjoy as much, but overall it should be like an adventure. A journey.

Try to show your network marketing business opportunity in a truly inspiring  light, but make it clear it just doesn’t all happen magically. That’s only fair.

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