Your MLM Downline is Looking for This

contacting prospects and leads for your MLM businessYour MLM downline team is looking for something. People who have visited your website and shown an interest in your business are looking for something. That something is YOU!

Unlike years ago when communication with prospects outside your local area was mostly by land line phones, today there are a variety of ways to get in touch. The world has shrunk considerably. Cell phones are just one example of how people can often be reached on the go, more easily than before. Some prospects prefer email as their primary form of communication, while others still enjoy the more personal touch of a phone conversation.

With all the MLM opportunities and potential sponsors to be found on the Internet, quick and effective communication is more important than ever. If you have a prospect contact you, and you don’t get back to them in a reasonable time, they can easily move on to someone else’s site and contact them. Actually, some will be “sponsor shopping” and contacting more potential sponsors than just you, so getting in touch quickly is vital.

I remember a time when I rarely answered my phone. I preferred to have prospects or downline team members leave messages,  so I could call them back when it was convenient to me. When I found out that I was losing some prospects that way, I changed my system really fast. I figured out that many good prospects may choose NOT to leave messages, unless they have a special reason for wanting to contact you specifically.

Often, a call from a prospect is really to see if there is a “live” person on the other end or if the whole thing (website presentation, or advertisement) is just another automated sales pitch. Nobody can necessarily answer their phone every time it rings, but the key is doing so as much as possible. Being accessible.

Try to respond quickly to your email and phone calls (if someone does have to leave you a message). I know it can be difficult at times – we often have so much going on. If you work a regular job during the day, you probably can’t answer live calls from your MLM business prospects. However, most will understand that, and everything is usually fine if you return the call promptly (later that day). I am amazed at how many network marketers fail to do this, or wait 2-3 days before calling back.

Do you remember approaching someone for information about a network marketing business, and getting frustrated because they never contacted you back or acknowledged your call? I bet you kept looking until you found someone who took time to talk to you. In the world of MLM and network marketing, you really need and want to be easy to reach and readily available.

Make sure your website includes your email address or a contact form, your phone number, instant messenger name, Skype name if you use that service, and so on. The more ways you are accessible, the better for your prospects.

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