Your MLM Prospects Want to Know You are Real

make it easy for your network marketing prospects to find youYour MLM prospects and potential business associates are looking for one thing you really want them to find…you! With all the ways we have to communicate and stay in touch these days, people get really discouraged if they can’t reach you. If prospects can’t find you,  they will often move on and find someone they can.

I have first hand experience with this, because there was a time when I rarely answered my phone. I preferred to have people leave messages,  so I could choose to call them back (if at all) when it was convenient to me. Once I realized I was  losing some good new associates and customers, I changed my way of thinking really fast.

I’ve found that many MLM prospects will often choose NOT to leave a message, unless they have a special reason for wanting  to contact you specifically. Often, the call is really to see if there is a “real” person on the other end of the web site or ad.

Try to be responsive to your email and phone calls. I know it can be hard at times. If you work during the day, you probably can’t answer calls from business prospects. However, most people will understand that, and all is well if you return the call promptly (later that day). I am amazed at how many network marketers fail to do this.

Was there a time when you approached someone for information about a home business, and were frustrated because they never contacted you back or responded to your interest? I bet you kept looking and finally found someone who was interested enough to take time for you. This is how you want to be – open, available, and easy to contact.

It’s easier than ever today for our potential MLM business prospects to contact several potential sponsors in a very short time. Being easy to reach, and quick to return calls you couldn’t take right away, makes a very positive impression on people and gives you an edge. It sets you apart.

Make sure you publicize your email address, phone number, instant messenger name, Skype name if you have it, and so on. The more ways you are accessible, the better.

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  1. Hi Eldon,

    Awesome post here. I totally agree with you. This is all about relationships. And the more you give value to your prospects, the more people will see you as their trusted advisor who is willing to help them reach closer to their goals. So yeah, you should invest time to those who are qualified and very important to build relationships. Thanks again for sharing.

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