The First Thing You Need for Building a Home Business

patience to succeed with a home businessWhat do you think might be the first thing you need when you begin building your own home business? I’m sure you could make a case for a few different things, but today let’s consider…


Let’s use a network marketing home business as an example. A network marketing or MLM business often starts slowly, begins to grow a little faster, and later starts to expand quickly if everything goes well. The time between startup and the quickest growth is usually longer than what anyone wants.

Lack of patience is what has driven many enthused and hard working network marketers out of business just before things started to get exciting. With many coming into business with a strong “job mentality”, this is no surprise.

“Job mentality” means expecting to get paid for work performed in a regular and timely manner, starting shortly after the work has begun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way in most home businesses. Much work will have to be done before the real payoff becomes apparent. It is the delayed gratification factor in building a network marketing business that frustrates and causes many to quit.

Most people don’t consider that it takes time to gain experience and learn how to be good at this business. People are often told they can get rich fast, and when it doesn’t happen, they get discouraged and quit. It’s all about patience.

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  1. This is so true! 🙂 I have been reading some of your posts and you have some really good information.

  2. Nice post. Very few writers point to this important factor and that is patience. Patience is necessary for any kind of business especially if you are starting a home business.

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