25 Ways to Accelerate Your Network Marketing Business

network marketing businessWould you like to build your network marketing business faster, make more money, become successful, and find freedom and financial independence?

There are many things that work together to create a successful business. Your passion, background, and willingness to learn and break out of your comfort zone all play a big role.

That said, there are fundamentals that are the core of any successful network marketing business. Today, let’s talk about 25 things you can do, and practice regularly, that will go a LONG way toward helping you achieve the success you desire.

1) Believe in and use your products regularly. Knowing your products is crucial to your success.

2) Know what you want from your network marketing business. Set realistic goals and targets for how much you want to make, when, and why. Write these goals and targets down.

3) Make a strong commitment to your business and take action. Do something to build your business each and every day.

4) Study and learn ways to be successful in network marketing and MLM. Learn from your successful upline and other industry leaders.

5) Be committed to helping your downline succeed. Focus on what they need, and what they want to achieve. Help them do it and you will get what you want as well.

6) Make yourself easily accessible. I’m sure you have voice mail, a reliable email address, and social media access, just put it all together and strive to be as available to prospects as possible.

7) When you get an email or phone call, if you can’t take it right away, make it a point to respond back as soon as possible. This will be encouraging to your downline team, and for your prospects it “wows” them and leaves a great impression. With prospects in particular, this sets you apart, because many people in business return calls casually, just when they get a chance. Be quick and stand out.

8) If prospects or customers ask for information or more details, get it to them quickly. Then, and this is the key, be diligent in following up quickly. If you wait for prospects to call you back or contact you, they often won’t. Take the initiative and the lead here.

9) Don’t quit. The first three months in your new network marketing business are the toughest. You have to persevere to find the success you desire.

10) Just do it. Life sometime gets in the way of working your business. Sometime discouragement sets in because there seems to be no time to do anything. You have to make the time.

11) Maintain a strong focus and work ethic. Build your business one downline associate, one customer at a time. When things seem to be moving slow, just focus on the next one and get it done.

12) It’s easy to “be there” when one of your downline team members is having success. When one of them is down and contacts you, listen to their concerns. Be there for your team in good and bad times.

13) Praise your downline associates when they have success. You may think that success is sufficient motivation to keep going, but everyone responds well to recognition and praise.

14) Work your business every day. Be consistent. Some days this will be very hard – but always find something you can do to keep moving forward.

15) Use the tools you have and work with your circumstances. There is never a “perfect” time to build your network marketing business. Every top achiever has overcome less than ideal circumstances at some point.

16) Be patient and steady. It takes time to build your business and achieve your goals. Find customers and treat them well. Sponsor and train downline associates one at a time.

17) Nobody likes the word “no”. You will hear this far more than you like. Don’t take it personally – a “yes” is right around the corner. A “no” to your opportunity is not a “no” to you personally.

18) Be aware that things will change. Your company may make a change you don’t like at some point. Human nature is to resist change. Be flexible for success.

19) Organizing your business is important, but don’t go overboard. You need to be talking to people. Know that excessive organizing is often due to a fear of taking action.

20) Maintain a professional appearance. Dress neatly and look successful. Look in the mirror – would you want to talk about a home business opportunity with you?

21) Use sharp promotional materials. Don’t make copies of brochures or print out information from the web. Use the brochures and promotional material provided by your company or upline organization.

22) Be open to learning and use proven business building methods. Re-inventing the wheel is a common mistake. Being creative is a good thing, but stay close to the successful fundamentals that have proven to work.

23) Keep with the network marketing / MLM industry. Be aware of what other companies are doing. You will often talk to prospects who are considering other opportunities besides yours.

24) Be willing to take risks and invest money into advertising and promoting your network marketing business. Don’t try to do everything on the cheap. Be wise, but do step out in faith.

25) Finally, and this is the big one – understand that YOU are the determining factor in your success. “If it’s to be, it’s up to ME.”

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  1. Terrific list Eldon – everyone of your points is valuable, but I think “don’t quit” is especially important. It’s like that Napoleon Hill story about the miner quitting just a few feet from the gold – I’ve seen so many people quit just as their business is starting to take off.

  2. That’s a great list. I like the “just do it” line. If you want a successful business, the things on the list must get done.

  3. Eldon,

    A very comprehensive list for certain and applicable to most any business.

    If I may make just one suggestion. I’ve always like to say the most important sentence in the world is ten 2 letter words: “If it is to be, it is up to me.” (When you leave out the contractions is makes more sense.)


  4. Eldon,

    Terrific. Thanks for the great list. Very comprehensive and it could apply to most businesses. Thanks for being helpful with your insight!