What Will Change Your Network Marketing Business in 2011?

Do you have a plan for building your mlm network marketing business bigger in 2011?This time of year can bring more energy, hope, and inspiration than any other. Many people will sit down and create a formal list of “New Year’s Resolutions” around the first of the year, while others will create a mental image of something they want to achieve and resolve to make it happen.

If one of your dreams is to create a significant home based income with your network marketing business, you probably have some ideas in mind to make this happen. Have you carefully thought this through and created a clear plan to get you there?

If you think about it, far too many network marketers who make resolutions and set goals each new year ultimately fail to achieve the success they envisioned. There is a difference between “wishing” and “making it happen”.

Has your network marketing business grown as much as you’d like in 2010? If not, be sure to think about “what will be different” in 2011. What will change the course of your business and make it prosper and really grow?

Will you…

  • make more presentations?
  • spend more time actually meeting and networking with people?
  • work on polishing your leadership skills?
  • learn to focus on the most important actions that will grow your business?

I’ve seen a lot of MLM and network marketers with a determination to make their business and income explode, yet they lack a real plan to get that done. Determination is admirable, but lacking a real plan, determination can quickly become an exercise in spinning your wheels.

If you read and learn about success in network marketing and business in general, you hear this all the time. Plan. Plan. Write down your goals. Plan. There is good reason for this.

Some things are enduring truths that will never change. The necessity of having a smart plan in place to achieve what you want is one of those truths. If you’ve started the year with great hope but are not sure how you’ll accomplish what you’re thinking, it isn’t too late to stop and regroup.

Get with your upline leaders. Let them help you create a plan for growth in your network marketing business. Ask them to help hold you accountable. Don’t be timid about this – good leaders want to help you, but they want you to show some passion and reach out to them. Make it known that you’re serious, and reach out. Make 2011 the year your business takes off big!

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