Getting Backlinks to Your MLM Blog

getting backlinks to your mlm blogGetting backlinks to your MLM blog is crucial, because without them, you won’t typically get the page one Google rankings that are so important.

Backlinks to your blog can vary widely in quality. Some will do more to boost your site in the SERPS (search engine results pages) than others. It takes a lot of links from different places to rank well. Your objective is to get as many backlinks, with appropriate anchor text that includes your keyword, as you can.

If you can get links from high authority sites in your niche, it might take only a few to be top ranked for your primary keywords. On the other hand, with lesser quality links, you’ll need to get a higher number of them to boost your ranking significantly.

To help speed up the process of getting backlinks to your MLM blog, let’s talk about a couple of tools you can use to get more mileage from your articles and submit them automatically to a ton of directories.

When you write an article, which will include a link or two back to your MLM blog, you can submit it to hundreds or thousands of different article directories and other sites that accept content. If you submit the exact same article to all those places, Google will eventually recognize the copies as exact duplicates, and will usually only index one of them.

To get around this, article marketers use what is called spinning software to create thousands of potential variations on each article. The idea is to prevent all the different submissions from being exactly the same, so that more of them have a chance to be indexed and recognized as unique content and thus live backlinks by the search engines.

Here is a simple example of article spinning. Look at this sentence with spin syntax:

{Build|Grow} your {MLM|network marketing} {business|home business} {today|now|as fast as you can}.

When you spin this article, the software will choose one of the words or phrases between the curly brackets at random. So, this sentence above could be any of the following if spun three times:

Build your MLM business as fast as you can.
Grow your network marketing home business today.
Grow your MLM business now.

When you actually create the spun article, there will be many more variations than this. The best software I’ve found to do article spinning is The Best Spinner. It does take a little time to learn it and get comfortable using it, but it makes the process much faster than doing it by hand.

Once you have your article spun, you can copy and paste it into the Article Marketing Robot and submit to hundred or thousands of article submission sites automatically. Since you have entered an article with spin syntax, the program will create a variation and submit a unique copy of your article to each directory. Unique enough, that is, to have a chance to be indexed by the search engines.

Getting these links back to your blog is important if you want to be found when people are searching Google and other engines looking for what you do. These are two programs to help you start getting backlinks to your MLM blog.

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