How to Get Backlinks to Your Home Business Blog

how to get backlinksLearning how to get backlinks to your home business or MLM blog is an important way to help your blog get found online.

Backlinks are simply links back to your blog home page, or individual posts. These can come from any number of different places. They are good for getting direct traffic when someone sees them while searching or surfing online.

If you get enough quality links back to your site, search engines will tend to rank your content higher, which makes getting found online easier. A backlink is considered a vote for your site.

In theory, if you publish really good content that people like and find helpful, you will get a lot of links back to your blog effortlessly. This is true in part, but with home business or MLM blogs, it isn’t that easy to get quality backlinks. There are just so many people out there blogging in this niche, it’s easy be get buried and unnoticed even if your stuff is great.

So, to get more exposure faster, the question becomes how to get backlinks – enough of them to make a difference in your traffic.

Here are five common ways to get links back to your website or blog.

Article Marketing

This is the classic approach. The secret of how to get backlinks with article marketing is simple. You write articles (500-700 words typically) about topics related to home business or network marketing – whatever your niche is. At the end of the article, you create a “bio box” that contains a link back to your site with anchor text.

For example, the anchor text for your link might be “Buy XYZ Product” – when the search engines see a link back to you with that anchor text, it tells them that the page you are linking to is all about buying XYZ product. If you have enough links in the right places, this can boost your ranking for that keyword phrase. Your articles may also be republished in various places, and read by people who will click your link to visit your site.

Forum Profile Backlinks

Building links this way is basically spamming. It involves using automated software that creates mass numbers of accounts on forums and message boards, and then creates fake profiles that include a link back to your site. Typically, these are found by administrators and removed pretty quickly. This is why you have to constantly keep building these for them to have any effect at all.

This type of linking can help boost search engine ranking for obscure search terms that don’t have much competition, but I don’t recommend this for home business builders. I really can’t recommend this technique to anyone. You really don’t want spam links like this pointing to your blog.

“Home Page” Backlinks

These are links back to your site that are placed on the home page of blogs with high Google Page Rank. This will give you a boost in the rankings, but the cost is usually high. Some services like this charge upwards of $100 per month to maintain a few links back to you. The technique can help boost your ranking for important keywords, but the ongoing cost is pretty steep.

Social Media Backlinks

There are several automated tools available that will create accounts on dozens of social media sites (typically blogging platforms like LiveJournal and Tumblr), then post content on them with links back to your blog. While these links are not always very effective for ranking, it is one way to get more links out there and help increase your overall presence online. Most of these tools carry monthly service fees, and you must create accounts and post content often to get much benefit from this technique.

Private Blog Networks

Some people have developed networks of blogs that carry, for the most part, decent Google Page Rank. These networks can have hundreds of different blogs hosted all over the world. Typically, you create short snippets of content (150-300 words) that contain a link back to your blog. You submit them, and they are posted randomly across the network. Posting to private blog networks can be effective, assuming the network maintains high quality standards.

When considering how to get backlinks for your home business blog, it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of your content is very important. You can build backlinks all day long and get better search ranking and more visitors, but if your content doesn’t help them or provide solutions to their problems and needs, it won’t do you much good.

If you have any questions about these strategies, feel free to ask in the comments below!

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