Getting Traffic to Your Home Based Business Website

getting traffic to your home business siteAfter you’ve created and published a website or blog to promote your home based business, your next step is getting traffic and visitors.

There are different ways you can effectively get visitors to your site. Some of the best quality traffic comes from people you’ve become acquainted with on social networking sites like Facebook.

These are people who already have an idea of who you are, and when they take time to visit your site, they are more likely to be receptive to what you have to offer than a total stranger who lands on your site without a clue as to who you are.

Apart from visitors who find you through social networking sites, you can also draw visitors through pay per click advertising (such as Google Adwords) as well as traffic from your search engine optimization efforts.

The big advantage of successful search engine optimization is “organic listings”. The great news is, organic listings are free!

As opposed to pay per click campaigns, where you advertise on the search engines and pay each time someone clicks your ad to visit your site, organic listings are the result of optimizing your site for the right search terms. The challenging part is getting found on terms that relate to you and your home business – terms that people will search on when they are looking for what you have.

Since Google is considered the most popular search engine by far, let’s talk about it for a minute. Nobody really knows what Google does behind the scenes to decide where your site will rank for any given search term. An entire industry has been built around trying to decipher the “secret code” or “algorithm” behind Google’s search results, but nobody knows for sure except Google.

Anyone who promises that they have “inside knowledge” of how Google’s ranking system works is being less than truthful. Anyone who guarantees you a top spot in Google for your chosen keywords (for a fee) is walking on thin ice. It isn’t hard for someone experienced in SEO to get your site listed fairly quickly on the first page of Google search results for certain keyword phrases. However, this will almost always be keyword phrases that aren’t actually used for searches very often, and being on page one for them will result in very few visitors.

When it comes to getting ranked in Google, home business owners face a number of challenges:

  • your site may not even be listed in Google for any search term (this is surprisingly common)
  • even if your site shows up in Google for certain searches, it’s hardly ever the “keyword phrases” that you want
  • even if you could tell Google exactly what keywords and search terms to show your site for, just picking the ones that “seem” most logical isn’t always effective

It takes some time and a smart plan to achieve ranking in Google that matters. Over the next few weeks, I’ll begin posting tips and strategies that will help you get found in Google searches when people are looking for a home business opportunity like yours.

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