How to Create Awesome Content for Your Home Business Blog

home business blogHow do you create awesome content for your home business blog?

How do you attract and get the attention of your ideal prospects?

It sounds simple. You just give your visitors what they want. The key is knowing what your ideal prospects are looking for. Know and understand their concerns, and provide solutions and answers.

Here are five types of content you can create. These are proven to be effective, if you make them interesting for the people you want to visit your home business blog. You make them interesting by focusing them on providing answers and solutions for your visitors.

1. List posts – for example, if your blog is focused on network marketing, you could create a list of tools and resources that target what many network marketers are looking for – prospecting tips, getting free leads, overcoming fear of calling prospects, things like that.

2. An experience or “aha!” moment that you’ve had, perhaps when you’ve struggled with some aspect of your business and suddenly “got it” and moved forward. This can be very powerful and helps brand you as a leader in your business.

3. FAQ articles and posts that answer questions your ideal prospects are asking. You could write about “Frequently Asked Questions About Network Marketing” or “Compensation Plans” or “MLM Prospecting” or “Finding People to Talk to About Your Business“, and the list goes on. You can be creative and come up with many types of FAQ posts that are interesting enough to draw traffic to your home business blog.

4. Express your opinion about something controversial or often debated (but keep it professional). For example, there is always discussion about whether “funded proposal” systems are really a good tool for network marketing entrepreneurs to use. If you’ve had some experience with any of them and have an opinion, write about it. Create a title that will interest people looking for information about this, for example “Why I Think MLM Funded Proposal Systems Stink” or whatever your thought is on them.

5. Finally, “how to” posts are always popular and invite people to check out your blog. Your creativity is your only limit with these.

How to Get Free MLM Leads
How to Attract Your Ideal MLM Prospects
How to Overcome Fear of Calling Your MLM Leads
How to Jump Start Your Network Marketing Business and Make Money Today

An important thing to remember when writing these posts and articles – do your research, but don’t just copy and reword what others have written. Find information and concepts that resonate with you, and write about them from your own experience. If you decide to write about “Ten Great Network Marketing Prospecting Tips“, for example, at least try a few of them yourself if you haven’t already, that way your content comes from your OWN experience and you aren’t just copying tips from someone else. Make sense?

Certainly, there are times when you’ll blog about things that you haven’t personally done or experienced, but the more your content reflects and is backed by your own experiences, the more effective it can be for drawing great prospects to your home business blog.


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  1. That’s a really great Idea! I haven’t yet tried doing the List posts. I think it is a good idea to list some of the major things that might help attract the people.

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