Keep on Working Your Home Business During the Holidays

working your home businessAre you working your home business during the holiday season?

We just finished Thanksgiving here in the USA and I actually took a few days away from my normal routine to work on some special projects during that time. I have an exciting announcement later this week! 

Anyway, just a short message of encouragement today. You are probably hearing a lot about how people tend to stop working on their home businesses during the holiday season (unless they are retailing items that are good for gifts).

I know that to be true, because all too often we assume that people just aren’t interested in business during this festive time of year. Lots of folks just slow down and choose to pick it back up again in January. The problem is, you lose some serious momentum that way and potentially miss out on some significant connections.

Actually, believe it or not, you can get some of your best connections and leads in December. Sure, some of your prospects may be inclined to wait and take action after the new year begins, but even for them, now is the time to be connecting and building that trust which is so essential.

Others out there have more time off this month, and believe me, they are thinking of ways to make more money next year so they won’t have to worry so much about expenses! Many new  home businesses that begin in January are sparked in December when reality sets in and people begin thinking about how they can improve their financial situation. There is more Googling going on for things like “home business ideas” than you might think right now.

So, I encourage you to stay the course and keep working your home business daily even during this busiest of months. Make the connections, keep the ads going, don’t stop the follow-ups with existing leads, keep it all moving.

You are building momentum for the new year this month. Don’t slow down on working your home business now. Keep it going!   🙂

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  1. Eldon,

    Great advice to keep working through the holidays and December. If business is slow one can always be in prep mode for a blow out January. Smart thinking!


    • Eldon Beard says:

      Thanks Rick, you’re right, even if it IS slow in December keeping the momentum going is important. Seriously, lots of people are looking and considering businesses this month like any other.

  2. Eldon
    Thank you for the great advice I think I am finally catching on.

  3. Eldon, As a business owner I never stop “working”, as a food blogger even going to a restaurant with friends or family I am taking pictures or getting inspiration for recipes. So over the holidays I will be keeping the workload up and getting ideas for next year!

  4. I think it is tough for a work at home business owner to turn off – and I am going to have to say – taking time off during holidays is SO important- schedcule things in advance like blog posts, social media updates but unplugging from work and giving your self some time off is incredibly important on so many levels!

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Agreed Sarupa, schedule and automate some things, take some time off, just don’t quit and think “nothing is happening this month”….that sort of thing. I always advocate balance. Part of that balance includes spending time with family, friends, and taking some personal time as well (apart from the demands of business).

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