Enjoy the Holiday and Start Working Toward Success in 2014!

holiday scene 2013I would like to wish everyone a very prosperous, happy, and relaxing holiday season! Are you ready for success in 2014?

Between now and the new year, many have the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family, as well as reflect on their success in 2013 and look forward to the future.

To me, January 1 is a marker of sorts, but it isn’t where I make a lot of changes.

In my own experience, I learned years ago that “New Year’s Resolutions” are great to have but are often broken and forgotten. There often isn’t sufficient planning and commitment behind the resolutions, it’s like more of a tradition.

It’s a traditional time to get a fresh start on lingering hopes and wishes (better diet, more exercise, losing weight, reach a certain level of success with your home business, etc.). Whether you choose to start something new on January 1, or any other time, always be sure you have the commitment in place and the WHY. Don’t just follow the crowd, know your own reasons and motivations and do what is best for YOU.

One suggestion for sure – during this time make a commitment to personal growth and education in 2014. Few things will help your home business grow and prosper more than feeding your mind with postive and uplifting content that teaches you useful strategies and ways to make things happen you didn’t know before.

Anyway, wishing everyone the best and use this time to enjoy a break and get prepared for a HUGE new year and greater success in 2014!

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  1. Hello Eldon! I do agree that personal development and continuing out education is a very important goal to set and that we do need to make that commitment to follow through.

    So many times we set those goals Jan 1st like you have stated and then we fail to follow though because we don’t have a game plan in place nor do we truly commit!

    Thanks for the holiday wishes as well as the great advice for the New Year! Happy New Year! Chery :))

  2. I agree – a commitment to learning is so important. Working on the internet can be challenging and I see a lot of clients get left behind if they’re not constantly reading and learning new techniques. It doesn’t involve spending money – but becoming familiar with thought leaders in your niche and related areas – and then reading what they have to say and trying out their ideas yourself.

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