MLM Prospecting – Why You Should Keep it Simple

mlm prospecting how to make it simpleHere is a cool MLM prospecting tip for you today.

If you want to improve your sponsoring success, think about how you are approaching your prospects. Think about what you are doing and how they see your business as a result.

I spoke with a man yesterday who is involved with a company that offers quality home and personal care products. He was asking my advice, because he wanted to start focusing on sponsoring and earn a bigger income. To this point, he has been focusing on retailing his product.

This weekend he is setting up a table at a local fair, and carrying a good number of products with him to sell while there. He also wanted to give out some information about his MLM business and perhaps sponsor a couple of new associates as well.

I admire his dedication and desire to start building a downline team, but what are people who see him there going to think his business is all about? Selling products at fairs and flea markets. I feel certain he will attract people who enjoy what he is doing, which is retailing at public events like this.

Nothing wrong with retailing! It’s just this, though – if your goal is to build a team that grows and provides long term residual income, you need to approach prospects and show them that your business is simple and that anyone willing to work can do it.

Let’s look at two scenarios.

The One on One “Do It All Myself” Approach

You make an appointment to meet someone at a local coffee shop. You sit down, draw out the plan, and do a complete and detailed presentation right there. You use some of your company’s literature for illustration, but you do all the explaining about how it works yourself. An hour later, your prospect leaves and tells you they will think about it.

What has just happened with them? They have walked away with the perception that building your MLM business requires doing what you just did – meeting people one on one and doing long detailed presentations. Maybe they really want to have a network marketing home business, but their working hours and lifestyle may make this variety of MLM prospecting impractical for them. At least often enough to get some momentum and make some money.

The Simple “Anyone Can Do This”Approach

You have a prospect and ask them if they are interested in making some extra money from home. They say that they are, so you ask them if they can take time that evening to watch a DVD that explains everything. If they say yes, you make a firm commitment to call them the next day to discuss it

In this approach, you have utilized your company’s sales tools and let the tools do the talking. You’ve also shown your prospect a very simple way to build your business, something anyone can do. They will see that they can do this, if the opportunity and products themselves interest them. You could do this just as easily with a link to an online video.

See the difference? If you are doing something that people see as undesirable or unnecessarily time consuming (hours of retailing at shows, sitting down one on one doing long presentations, etc) they may not consider your MLM opportunity. Making things seem complex makes your MLM prospecting success much more difficult to achieve.

If on the other hand you show them a quick and simple process that gets information in their hands and qualifies them quickly, this is something they are more likely to see themselves doing. And, they will be excited because they can sense that this is easily duplicated as well.

Keep your MLM prospecting simple and use your company’s tools to best advantage!


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  1. Gloria Reibin says:

    i appreciate the simple approach, but in addition I would like to comment. The Internet has a place. It has made it easier to prospect as you can email a prospect a link to a live webinar or even a recorded webinar (as the DVD you are suggesting.

    The Internet has made it both simpler and in some ways more complicated as people are now expecting to do no work in order to prosper. It is good to know both.

    • Eldon Beard says:

      Hello Gloria, I totally agree! I stressed the DVD example because more people probably share their opportunity that way, but online presentations and linking to them is taking center stage more and more these days.

  2. Duplication is the most important thing in expanding a MLM business. The more simple it is, the better. I often talk too much on presentations, wich is a huge mistake. I believe a one on one presentation shouldn’t last more than 15 or 20 minutes. What do you think Eldon?

  3. Eldon Beard says:

    Miguel, I understand the problem with talking too much on presentations, sometime it’s because people are nervous and afraid of losing a potential prospect, you know? I prefer to use tools to qualify and tell the story, then discuss more in depth with prospects who are interested. One on one presentation – 15 or 20 minutes should be good enough to qualify and decide whether to move forward with a prospect.

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