HBS 016: How to Attract the Best MLM Leads

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Top MLM Leads Coming Your Way!

There are low quality MLM leads, average MLM leads, and the BEST MLM leads. Of course, you want the best, right?

There are lots of places you can buy network marketing leads, and sometime they seem like a really great deal. The problem is, many times they are old leads, or have been emailed and phoned to death and are no longer responsive.

You don’t want to waste time on poor quality leads like this.

The best leads are the ones you generate yourself. They are the ones who become your lead after they have viewed some of your content, seen one of your videos, or otherwise have at least a little bit of exposure to you in some way. They are much better quality than leads you get on a purchased list. You really never know for sure how purchased leads were generated, anyway.

There are proven ways to attract the quality MLM leads you want. You just have to go the extra mile to get things in place that make it easy for them to like you and trust you.

In this podcast, we will discover….

  • how to gain the trust of potential prospects so they opt in to your list
  • what the focus of your online content must be for best results
  • what you must give in order to receive what you want
  • what to avoid in your content because nobody really cares anyway

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