Why Home Business Leads Ignore You

home business leadsHave you ever advertised to get home business leads, then been disappointed that few if any respond to your emails or phone calls, much less sign up with your opportunity?

I bet you have. Most home business leads coming in from advertising are going to be very cold market. They don’t know you from the next person advertising. As they are reviewing your information, if they feel interested, they are likely wondering if they can make money with the business, and whether you can help them.

Also, many opportunity seekers inquire about multiple opportunities. They have seen autoresponder messages over and over, so it’s hard to get their attention and separate yourself from the crowd.

If you are in a people and team-oriented business like network marketing, this can be a big deal because you need to capture the attention of as many of those leads as you can and get them to see you as a “real” person instead of an automated message-sender.

So, the bottom line is that cold market home business leads:

  • don’t know you at all
  • don’t trust you at all
  • don’t know your commitment

Unless they are brand new, they have probably joined a business opportunity in the past only to be abandoned by their “sponsor” once they paid their money. Or, they may have heard some bad stories. Negative experiences lead to skepticism and lack of trust. With so many choices out there now, prospects you’d want to work with are very careful who they connect with.

Building Trust For Greater Success

How can you build trust and encourage cold market prospects to reach out to you? Here are a few tips that can help you.

1) Don’t depend on canned autoresponder messages to do all the work for you. Even if you have written them to be unique, people can still sense that they are canned. Send out frequent “personal” emails to your home business leads. Here is one I used recently, to give you an idea:

Thanks for taking time to check out [your opportunity]. I would love to hear what you think about it.

By the way, this is a personal email from me, not from an auto responder. I want you to know that I am a real person, and I take my business and the people I work with seriously.

This is a people business and I truly enjoy helping others find success with a home business.

So, tell me a little about you and what has you seeking an opportunity right now? And, what is the one thing you would MOST like to accomplish with a successful business of your own?

See how that is more personal, and seeks to learn more about them and what THEY want?

2) Use a blog to create your online “home”. This is where prospects can come to learn more about you and what you do. When filled with content related to having success with a home business, or something that your ideal prospect wants, this can help create that trust that is so vital. Do a good job with this, and keep it reasonably generic, and it can serve you well for years to come.

3) Be visible in the social networking arena. Right now, Facebook is king and this is a place where you can further establish your credibility and set yourself apart in your marketing. Again, prospects want to know that you are “real”. If you are reasonably active on Facebook and careful to be professional in everything you do there, this can increase the trust that prospects have in you. You can include your Facebook profile link in some of your personal emails (broadcasts) to your home business leads.

Use these tips to help increase response from your home business leads. Always be aware that turning cold prospects into warmer market leads isn’t an overnight process, but everything you do builds up and leads you to greater success over time.

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