The Perfect MLM Lead – What Can You Offer Them?

mlm lead looking for opportunities onlineYesterday, we talked about the perfect prospect, and described the ideal MLM lead that you would like to attract to your network marketing business.

Today, let’s focus on what’s important after you understand who you’re trying to attract.

Everyone out there looking for a home business has a story. They have needs, fears, wants, and reasons that compel them to look for opportunity.

Your job is to be the leader, the person and potential sponsor who can provide solutions and answers to what they are seeking.

Here is an example of how you could write out and describe some of the problems that your perfect prospects might face.

Your Perfect MLM Lead – What Makes Them Tick?

My perfect MLM lead prospects struggle with getting started with a business, especially online. They are intelligent and savvy, and may have had previous home business ventures. Most have never reached their potential of a full-time life-changing income. They have the desire but don’t know what tools they need. They just know they need to get their face and opportunity “out there”. They are at the same time confident, and fearful of failure, because they have never experienced the success they are seeking.

They might be interested in training that teaches them how to put their stake out on the Internet and build a base to work from. Establishing a long-term online presence that elevates and builds them up as leaders and successful entrepreneurs is appealing. They know they need “leads” and “prospects”, and they have heard that social media is currently the “place to be”, but perhaps don’t feel comfortable jumping into that.

They see the very active home business leaders who seem to upload new videos and content every day and feel intimidated by this. They feel that they could never churn out so much “stuff”, and wonder how they can get anyone’s attention against all the online competition.

Everything would be simpler and easier for them if they knew step by step how to establish their presence online. If they already have a business and a blog, they would love to know how to get more visitors and fix it where people doing Google searches would find them more easily.

They would appreciate anything that helps them cut through all the confusion and conflicting information out there. They will want solid marketing and promotion techniques that will stand the test of time. They don’t want quick fixes, they want to build a powerful presence for long term success in whatever business they choose to pursue.

Putting the Pieces Together

Once you have a good idea of what your ideal MLM lead prospect might be looking for, you can proceed to design your approach so that it answers their needs and addresses their problems.

For example, one of your top priorities is building a list. You can create a free ebook or webinar that addresses a need or desire that they have. You can use a generic MLM training system like MyLeadSystemPro to provide answers and solutions they are looking for.

The key to success is understanding that your perfect MLM lead prospect is looking for certain things. The better you understand who you want to attract, and what they need, the faster your business will grow. Your job is to provide answers and solutions to their needs. That’s the point of thinking this stuff through.

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